60’s Paris? I think I can!


After visiting our son in France last year and seeing all the beauty there, I decided I still wanted a French/Paris themed room.  Just how does one do that in a mid-century modern home, when all the new French decor available today is very “European” (translation: Old World)?  My answer:  Paris  in the 60’s. 

My small office/sewing room was just the place to try this out. The walls were already painted a soft cream color. I picked aqua and pink  (with black accents) for my colors and went from there.  I already had a large black and white photograph of the Paris skyline and a black Eiffel tower lamp.  I picked up a 1960’s black tissue (kleenex) holder that features the Eiffel Tower and a white poodle.  Next were some ceramic black and white poodles (very 60’s),  2 wooden trays painted with scenes of poodles sightseeing in  Paris,  a pink travel hat case,  a 60’s aqua radio,  a black star burst clock and a pair of vintage fiberglass drapes in white, aqua and hot pink. I reused some black travel themed accessories and Paris maps from our trip and Voila’!

ALL of the 50’s and 60’s accessories and decor cost less than $75.

The icing on the cake came in the form of  a 50’s Pan Am/Paris magazine ad that Hubby had framed for Christmas!  He is the BEST gift giver!


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