Why I shop for vintage


As I’m sure you can tell by my previous posts, one of my FAV-O-RITE things to do is shop for vintage things. I just cannot afford (or would want) to decorate with all new EVERYTHING. We all fork out plenty of bucks updating our homes on things that are completely unseen. You know: heating, plumbing, electrical work. I can get much more bang for my buck buying vintage.

I also sell in a local antique/gift shop, 2 consignment stores and on Ebay and Etsy.  One rule of thumb though: I do not buy anything that I won’t mind putting in my own home. No matter how wonderful I think some things are,  the truth is a few things just won’t sell.

A few Saturdays back hubby and were up with the birds and at a community sale held in a local auditorium. It held 40 vendors and we got some real deals. After cleaning up there we then hit a newly opened resale barn. I had to ask hubby to haul our purchases to the van 3 different times that day! The Christmas stash I hauled home will keep me crafting/selling/decorating for the holidays all through New Years 2012.

Mid Century items are not very popular in my area and can be picked up for a song.  I have unearthed some amazing things for next to nothing.

I picked up these funky towels for my main (hall) bath for just a few dollars:

You may remember my 60’s Paris print I unearthed at a junk shop. After a thorough cleaning (thank you Mr. Clean Magic Eraser) it now hangs in the kitchen above my 1950’s blond buffet.

My good friend (and fellow thrifter) picked me up a pair of these cool 60’s lamps for $10. They match the aqua guest room perfectly.

I got these 50’s Paris poodle trays for the office at a booth at the shop for $10. They tell the story of Fifi and Pepes’ romance in Paris! From what I have been told, there are 2 more trays that belong to this set; I am still looking for those!


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