Christmas on Croydon Place


Yes I know it is March. And the fact that there is record heat and all of my tulips are bloomed should make me long for summer, right? But I don’t.  I dream of Christmas all year-long 🙂 I actually get some of my best vintage Christmas goodies at garage sales in the heat of July!

Our first Christmas here in the new house was not one for that “warm fuzzy” feeling.  In fact it was down right lonely. Our eldest son was out of the country working. It was the first time we had not been with him for Christmas. We had just moved in on December 10 (in the middle of a never-ending train of snowstorms that winter). Wouldn’t you know it;  Hubby works for the Highway Department. You can guess where he was most of that winter. In a big truck plowing and salting in 12 hour shifts.

There was not much time for decorating that Christmas.  I could not even find many of my decorations in all those boxes down the basement. Thankfully my nephew and his wife came to our rescue the day after we moved in and put up the tree and a few other things. We managed to hang a wreath on the porch.

Christmas Eve dawned cloudy and snowy. Hubby was on nights that week, so he had plowed all night and had to sleep all day.  He missed Christmas Eve church services, my big family gift exchange at my Moms, and Christmas day at his parents. We were able to sneak in Christmas breakfast with our youngest son and his wife between Hubby’s shower and bedtime. He plowed again all night Christmas night.

Christmas #2 was much better. Record warmth led to no snow and more time home for hubby. We strung lights outside and were able to get through all of those boxes, eliminating  much and then diving  headlong into mid-century Christmas madness. Out came the Christmas record albums framed in black. They were hung above the wrap around fireplace mantle.

In my office/sewing/craft room I found a small pink tree just before the big day. It had been marked down 75% and matched the room perfectly. I added vintage aqua and pink glass ornaments that I already had.

We have recently purchased  a 7 ft. Aluminum Pom Pom Christmas Tree on ebay that will be used next year in Hubby’s man cave. I already have a color wheel and rotating/musical stand, both picked up at garage sales. We sold our big 7 1/2 ft.  green tree that was used in the living room; not sure what will replace that one. Maybe another aluminum tree? Maybe a slim tree to fit next to the off center fireplace?

I picked up several boxes of mid century Christmas decor at a recent sale. You cannot see it, but in all that goodness is a Howard Holt Santa mug, dozens of Jewel Brite and Bradford atomic plastic ornaments, tinsel angels, cardboard candy containers, holiday pottery, unused Christmas kitchen towels (with aqua!),  a 60’s tablecloth with cotton fringe, atomic reindeer and enough trims and smalls to keep me crafting all year. I have a feeling some of this may not be sold but will stay right here!


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  1. You’re exactly right. The other 364 days of the year are meant to be spent preparing for showtime.

  2. Yes I spend the entire year picking up Christmas finds! I bought an authentic 1965 “Ski Party” movie poster yesterday for $5. Not sure where I will hang it but it can stay up several weeks after Christmas 🙂

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