Are we there yet?


Patience is not one of my virtues. I tend to get frustrated if things are not going as quickly as I’d like. This obsession I now have with mid-century modern just makes me want to be completely done with the house  RIGHT NOW. And yet if that were the case,  I would not have so much fun hunting for treasures. Check out these things I have found recently.

These funky curtains for my kitchen were an eBay find. I paid $22  for the pair, which was a splurge. But they are so COOL! They have a little 60′ s French flair to them:

These aqua pottery pieces were $1 each and have sparkly gold flecks in them!

This cookbook, complete with a 1960’s ranch house on the cover, was also a $1 find. And it matches the kitchen!

I am pretty sure that Wilma Flintstone used a pitcher like this (a $1 estate sale find) to serve Rock Cola at barbecues with the Rubbles:

This spaceship looking food warmer was $6 at a thrift shop. It matches the other gold atomic looking serving pieces that my thrifty girlfriends gave me as gifts!

We found another black panther lamp  (a smaller version of one we had) for the living room. I brought home a fiberglass shade from the shop and it now sits across from its bigger brother on an end table.

Lastly is the round black metal shelf. I have many pieces that match it including magazine and plants stands and other knick knacks. It hangs in the kitchen looking a little empty. Guess I better get shopping!


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    • Thank you Stacey! The curtains are the only thing from eBay. The pitcher was from an estate sale and the rest were either thrift store or garage sale finds. My town is loaded with thrift stores and consignment shops. Mid-Century is not very popular here so things are very reasonable 🙂

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