New Outdoor Lighting and Rummage Sale Finds


With the warmer than normal Spring Hubby and I have been busy. This past Saturday morning we headed out to 2 church rummage sales. I did manage to find a few things to sell:

The 60’s aqua and pink fabric trims and the feed sack fabric will go on Etsy.

The coral fabric with the aqua and chartreuse atomic circles will be hard to give up, darn it!

The Skotch Kooler and candy tins will go in the shop.

The 60’s Christmas door hangers were added to the never ending boxes of vintage Christmas craft items that I will start working on in the fall:

I did find something that I cannot part with. I have been looking for some of these cute fish from for the bathroom. I remember these kinds of fish in our bathroom growing up. I think my Grandma had some too. I CANNOT believe I found this pair for 25 cents! This cute couple are now keeping watch behind the toilet in the main bath:

During this stretch of nice weather Hubby removed the newish white Colonial style light fixtures from outside the house and replaced them with more Mid Century Modern style fixtures. I don’t think they are too far off:

We purchased them on sale locally at a big home improvement store. I am going to sell the old ones on a remodeling forum on Facebook.

With this warm Spring we will be doing more outside.  We have plans to add mulch and some type of large planting to anchor the front corner of the house.

We have also purchased 4 matching mid century light fixtures for inside. They were  an Ebay find. 2 for the dark tunnel (the hallway), 1 for the office and 1 for the guest room.

Stay tuned!


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  1. I love those canisters. I remember my grandma storing old game pieces in those. Ah, memories. Loving the blog!

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