Indoor lights, Springtime Blooms and more Cool Finds


As anyone who lives in a mid-century home must know, updates to said home over the years have probably not always been kind. And to add insult to injury the updates are usually of  “the latest trend” variety. You know:  Harvest Gold appliances. Southwest accessories. Mauve and country blue wallpaper borders. We all succumb to the latest craze. Right now it is all about granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors. In 10 years we will once again be rolling our eyes.

Our ranch does not have any of its original light fixtures with the exception of the recessed lights that are rimmed in chrome. One is over the kitchen sink,  one is in the main bath and one is on the front porch. The one on the porch has had its chrome ring painted white 😦  I am sure if it was not so much work to remove these they would have been taken out years ago.

The inside lighting now includes all eras from an early 70’s fake wood metal sconce (that smoked and sizzled) to ceiling fans that bring that Tuscan feel inside to shabby chic chandeliers.

We are slowly replacing them. I purchased a set of 4 early 60’s matching cone style light fixtures on E bay. The pair of  double ones went in the hallway which was much too dark. One single sconce went in my office and the other single is waiting to be installed in the guest room:

Outside things are blooming. It has been so warm we are about 6 weeks ahead of the calendar. That vintage bird bath came with the house. Lucky me! I am going to ask for a gazing ball for Mothers Day. 

We spent Saturday at a jukebox/vending machine/advertising collectible show. The budget is tight but I did manage to snag these:

Got both them for $10! I will hang the movie poster for the Holidays.

Hubby purchased another record album to add to his collection.

We are still debating on getting a 1964 Rock-Ola Grand Prix Jukebox we saw for the basement. We don’t NEED it but we sure would LIKE it! It would fit into Hubby’s Rat Pack era man cave perfectly.


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  1. I love that lighting. I have more of a traditional mid-century home than a mid-century modern home. If I had the later, I’d be all over that type of lighting. Good stuff and nice finds!

  2. Thanks! Our home is sort of a mixture? The fireplace says modern (off center firebox, symmetrical wrap-around stonework and mantle) and yet there is a cupola w/rooster weather vane on the garage roof and knotty pine walls in the mud room:-) We are trying to bring out some of the more modern features and style of the era. I am enjoying your blog also!

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