The Weekend


I wonder if everyone tires of hearing about my shopping expeditions. I will try not to bore you with so much of that and maybe try to focus more on other mid-century coolness.

We have returned after spending a few days away with some family. We stayed in a wonderful B&B in a small  historic town. We have been there many times and the innkeepers make us feel right at home. The fact that it is across the street from an antique mall does not hurt one bit either!

Of course we spent much of the time junking for treasures. When we were not shopping we were eating or driving around looking at older homes. Go figure. I think it is a sickness.

On the return trip the van was full of things for resale and of course a few things for the house.

How about this strange contraption:

It is some kind of portable barbecue/charcoal grill called a “Hang it All”

These little poodles and the black shelf (which matches many pieces of furniture and other shelving I already have) are now hung in my 60’s Paris themed office:

One of the biggest deals I got were these 1953, 1960 and 1963 magazines. They are chock full of ideas for your mid-century home decor, cooking and gardening. I got all 4 for $5! I think after I look them over they will go up for sale on Ebay.

I have become interested in paint by number pictures, which became very popular in the 1950’s. But they can be a little pricey. I snagged this one in a junk shop for $8, and it features the French Riviera. We vacationed there last year when visiting Son #1 who was living in France at the time.

I have a feeling more of these will be following me home from now on. Hanging next to this in the same shop was  another one in the same type frame for the same great price, but it was western themed and showed a little water damage so I passed on it.

This one will hang in the guest room with some other Riviera decor:

Things for the shop include this Pagoda shaped plant stand, some toys for Christmas time displays and this Jade tissue cover. The jade is the same color as the sink top tile in my main bath but I think I will sell it.

Of course Hubby found a record album. This was at the Good Will and I think will look great framed:

We did not shop ALL the time. We did manage to find great food. This Italian restaurant is so authentic I thought we might see Frank or Dean sitting in one of the dark booths. The food was amazing.

I won’t bore you with more photos. But I do want to encourage you to get out there and find all the Mid Century Awesomeness. Thrift stores, consignment and junk shops and reuse centers all carry things we can use. Yes they might be a little dirty or unorganized but that is half the fun. Look past the facade.

There are great places to eat that have a history and serve wonderful fare. The ice cream shop we visited was a throwback to diner/drive in days. The owner told me that the big twisty cone on the front was from a defunct ice cream chain in Florida and was found sitting in a warehouse. What a great  find for them!


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  1. I’m a huge fan of mid century modern, although I don’t have a lot of it because it’s so pricey right now. My favorite past time is going on the hunt for it whenever possible. I loved all of your pics, thanks for sharing!

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