The Vanity Light, Mod Cookbooks and more stuff


Just a quick update here on Croydon Place. I am planning a bigger blog with lots of photos in a few days so stay tuned.  Of course we are never too busy to thrift or work on the house.

We finally got around to replacing that 1990’s bathroom light in the main bath. The replacement is a vintage “vanity” light purchased on Ebay. After removing the fixture that was in place Hubby discovered that it was hung with no electrical box. Why would we be surprised? After a trip to the local Ace he got the job done.

I think it looks pretty good; what you cannot see very well it that the white glass cover has a dark grey “crosshatch” design:

Some other items have found their way into the house, too.

How about these colorful “atomic” looking cocktail muddlers:

I think these long forks were part of a fondue set, but I will use them for fruit, meat or cheese trays when entertaining:

This 25 cent ice bucket matches my punch bowl and glasses :

For Mothers Day my oldest son got me a gift certificate to Ebay. (Does he know me or what?).  The clean dinner dishes were barely put away on Mothers Day before I was online trying to decide what to buy!

You know of my recent “re” addiction to cookbooks. Well I could not resist this lot of  mod mid-century ones:

And I saved THE BEST for last! Isn’t it dreamy? Oh the colors on this cover…..

This son does not think these are cool. He is the jet-setting one who lived and worked in France and travels the world. He thinks mid-century decor is…well….ugly.

He says it does not matter how much of it Dad and I buy, it does not change his mind one bit.

Fortunately his opinion does not stop me from trying to change it 🙂


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  1. Great finds! Love all the cookbooks. When I was younger I always imagined what Betty might look like… only to find out she wasn’t real! HA! These have the best covers, ever! So colorful.
    The light looks wonderful.

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