Keep or Sell?


Today there were neighborhood garage sales in a mid-century subdivision not too far from Croydon Place. Because it was rainy, windy and chilly, there were not as many sales as were advertised. Not to worry though; I still got me some deals. I just have a hard time deciding if I should keep the stuff or sell it 🙂

These vintage poker chips will go in the shop for someones next card party. I just hope the hostess has on her newest summer themed apron and is using a Mod ice bucket for those cocktails.

The record albums are for our never ending collection. At 25 cents each, can  you EVER have enough Dean or Frank? We don’t just play them, we frame them and make them art!

This 1960’s souvenir tray of the Arc de Triomphe/Champs Elysees was 25 cents. It would look great in my mid century Paris themed office/craft room. You remember I am a little partial to France mementos 🙂

This large fiberglass serving tray was also a steal for 50 cents. I love the gold and black scene of  birdcages.Many of my serving pieces are gold and black with an atomic vibe.

These are my best deal of the day;  Royal Copley planters!  (Be sure to click on the photo to enlarge it; this photo does not show the details). They were $2 each and I am not sure if I can part with them.

The black and white striped  Deco one is just SO COOL.

The one that is chartreuse and aqua with the  jumping gazelles is similar to one on the kitchen windowsill in Don and Betty Drapers home on Mad Men!

The other two are called Harmony and have tropical leaves. The rose/grey/white one matches my 3/4 bath and the green/chocolate one matches my bedroom!  What a dilemma!

Keep or Sell???

Stay tuned;  next week I will have details of a Mid Century home tour we are taking this weekend in Indy.  I hope to have lots of photos to drool over. I just know we will come home and want to start a new project!


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  1. Thanks Sara; I am having a hard time parting with any of it! That is the nice thing about selling though; when we tire of things then we can sell them 🙂 I do love the tray. It kind of matches my other gold and black serving pieces (shown in earlier posts). Do you think the black/white and leaping gazelles planters are too 40’s looking? I thought they looked sort of mod but after doing some looking online I think they are from the 40’s.

    • Yeah, I guess they do have a 40s kind of feel now that I really look at them, though the black and white one could pass for modern too….I think anyway. 🙂 The black and white one is my favorite for sure!

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