Thoughts on the Mid-Century Modern Home Tour


This past weekend Hubby and I,  along with another couple, traveled 3 hours from  home to a Mid-Century Modern Home Tour. We made it a day, leaving early to stop for breakfast and allowing enough time to hit a Mid-Century Modern antique store on the way. Let it be noted; we did not buy one thing!

The tour was well-organized and reasonably priced ($12 in advance/$15 the day of the event). We picked up a shuttle bus at a nearby church (who let us use the facilities and get coffee) and get maps and info on the 5 homes.  We were  glad we did not drive to each home. It was very well attended and parking was at a premium at each home. It was much easier to let someone else drive us since we were not familiar with the area.

I was so impressed with the beauty of the neighborhoods. All of the homes in this area were unique (no cookie cutter development here) and all were well maintained. Many were large sprawling ranches with a colonial vibe.  Some were cape cods (think Mr. Ed).  Some were much more modern.  And I loved the fact that the fire hydrants were painted aqua (my favorite mid-century color).

Each home on the tour was very different from the others. Two were decorated mid-century modern style with authentic pieces and some IKEA thrown in. The other 3 were simply mid-century modern homes with a  nod (or two) to the style.  I say if you are going to go Mid Mod,  go ALL THE WAY!

A few highlights:

Most retained their original bathrooms with colored tile and fixtures. Others baths had some updates.

Original bath colors I saw were yellow, pink, beige, peach, white, soft brown and black.

Most had the kitchens were updated at some point, which was kind of sad. One home had 2 Frigidaire Flair Ranges (remember Bewitched?) which were gorgeous.  One or two still retained the original kitchen cabinets with updates.

One had the original St. Charles steel cabinets in the laundry room.

Storage space was unbelievable. All had multiple original built-ins in the bedrooms, baths, halls and utility rooms. There were walls and walls of storage in the living rooms, dens and dining rooms. I don’t know if that was a regional thing but I have never seen homes of this era with that much storage in my own town. I wish my home had it!

One homeowner collected vintage travel posters from the 50’s and 60’s. They were displayed as art which kept me gawking and holding people up 🙂

One homeowner collected vintage department store memorabilia. Hat boxes, restaurant menus, charge cards, magazine and newspaper ads. Many were framed as art.

All had huge windows to bring the outside in, which was a big feature in mid-century modern design. The outdoor spaces in all of the homes was wonderful, as were the landscaping.

The use of natural stone and brick was everywhere.

All had big fireplaces. Some had more than one.

One home had a touch of aqua in every space; that being my FAVORITE color, I spent lots of time looking in this home.

Every single home on the tour had a Japanese Maple near the entry. I don’t know if this is a regional thing too, but I thought it was unusual and looked great.

Of course photo taking was not allowed inside these lovely homes but I did take many shots outside.  I hope you can get a feel of what we saw.

I want to barbecue here:

Cool back door and breezeway:

How about this roof line:

Love this outdoor space. Note the Japanese maple and the star burst chandelier in the window:

Biggest hosta award:

I think I can hear Marcia and Greg in there arguing over who gets the attic bedroom:

Another maple:

Love this patio table:

What kind of tree is that?

Modern style patio:

Koi pond :

Serving cart for beverages on those hot days:

Even an aqua gazing ball:

For morning coffee:

Well, I don’t want to bore you with any more photos. Besides I feel a like I have invaded these wonderful homeowners privacy. Can you imagine letting hundreds of people come in and gawk at all your things and peek into your personal space?

If you ever have the chance to go on ANY historical home tour,  I say “GO!”. Even if it is not showcasing your particular era of interest you can still get ideas. From paint colors to landscaping to furniture placement we can all take some inspiration home with us.


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  1. Oh man, I WISH they would have let you take pics inside!!! I’ m sure all the houses were SO amazing, as they look FAB from the outside!

    Storage… know, in all of our looking around the past few years (trying to find our dream retro house) it seems like the bigger and more custom the house the more storage space you have. The smaller houses, say under 2000 sq feet usually have a lot less closet/storage space.

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