The Start of the Basement


Well this past Saturday was a busy one here on Croydon Place, especially in the basement.

Until now this area has just been used as a catch-all, office, work room, storage area and tornado warning destination. The fact that you  have to get to it from the garage is kind of strange (although I guess not so unusual in our area) so we just kind of forget about it. We have planned all along to make it Hubbys domain, but have been so busy upstairs and outside that this project just got moved to the bottom of the list. You know, that list that never gets completed and just keeps getting added to.

Not this day.

It was very hot outside and Hubby gave up wire brushing the rust off of our vintage patio set.  This is the one we picked up last week  (the cool black and white umbrella has been scrubbed clean and is in the garage waiting for its premier).

Instead He decided to head down the basement (where it was cooler) and I went with him.

We moved, pushed, pulled, heaved, turned and shoved our way through an entire wall of Christmas decorations, 2 Christmas trees, a 1950’s sectional, the heaviest coffee table EVER, 2 blond end tables, a green chrome dinette set, a 40’s fringe trimmed chair, the blond china cabinet that matches our dining table, a stereo, television, desk, record cabinet, 2 magazine racks, a microwave and other assorted items that have found their way down there since the big move 18 months ago.

Not to say that we are anywhere near DONE; we have just started. But we have all of the Christmas decor labeled and moved into the storage area. I am so ready to start sewing the curtains.

But first things first.  Since there are only a few outlets in the entire basement, we have to have an electrician come to add more.  (You know how I love lamps).  I am sure we have created a fire hazard with all the extension cords down there. The new outlets will have to be mounted on the surface of the walls since 3 of the walls in this big room are block. We will also shampoo the carpet.

These photos are the beginnings of Hubbys domain: The walls are painted a goldish mustard. Probably not my choice (I would have went lighter for a basement) but it was freshly painted when we moved in and it will do for now.

This area shows the door to the HUGE storage room. My plan is to have a snack area/wet bar on the left. Those Monaco Gran Prix posters will be hung.

This chair came from the lobby of the long gone Woodruff Hotel in Joliet, IL . I have been told that postcards from this hotel showing these chairs exist. So far they have eluded me.

How about this green tartan plaid carpet? I know plaids are shown in lots of mid-century advertising, but not on the floor. When I think mid-century tartan plaid I see a big thermos, coolers and picnic blankets. I can’t decide if I love it or hate it? It will stay for now.

The 2 piece sectional is placed end to end along the long wall. If we find another blond  corner table we may put them in an  “L”.

Which fabric for curtains/pillows? 60’s botanical, atomic boomerangs or the star burst one?  I don’t care if it is only 1 small window in the basement. It must have a cool curtain!

The view up the stairs. Yes that is the garage up there.

The heaviest coffee table on the planet. Note the vintage table tennis set, still in the original box!

This end of the room will be for overflow eating or game/card playing:

The only window in this big room. How exactly am I going to hide that pipe? Long curtains?

No Scarface was not my choice. But that huge wall hanging is hiding the entrance to the crawl space:

So what do you think? Does it have possibilities?

What about the fabrics for curtains/pillows?

What about that carpet? Do we hate it or should I be happy with it?


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  1. I think I’m in love with that botanical print. If there is enough fabric for the curtain, go for it!

    • I love that fabric, too. Unfortunately I love all three of those fabrics. The only issue with the botanical print is that it is a thinner cotton and would probably have to be lined. The other 2 were drapes in their former lives so they are heavier. Decisions, decisions……

  2. This room seems spectacular! I’d love to have a little place hidden away like this.

    I’m not going to help with the curtain situation, judging by the other comments, because I really, really like the boomerang one! I like the carpet too, but maybe not for that room. It seems a little too dark.

    • Thanks! It is a nice big room. I love that boomerang, too. Those were a thrift store find for $5! You are right, the carpet is dark and coupled with the walls it is kind of a cave down there. For budget reasons (and eco friendly reasons, too) the carpet will stay. It is in good shape and just needs cleaning. I am hoping more lighting will brighten it up a bit. I am thinking of maybe using some other plaids down there in accessories 🙂

  3. I am total sucker for atomic prints, so I’d have to go for that one! 🙂

    Seems like I remember seeing plaid carpeting somewhere along the way as a popular choice for flooring back then, I’d probably keep it too if I were you – I kinda like it!

    Basements….I’m SO jealous you have one – they are no where to be found around here. : (

    • Thanks Sara! Basements are pretty common in our area. Even if not used for living space they are great for storage 🙂 The carpet is growing on me. I am flip flopping back and forth on which fabric to use! I do love them all.

  4. Whats on the other wall opposite the couch? The couch facing the other wall and the stairs is a much more inviting gesture to the room when people enter.

  5. The wall opposite the couch is the only drywall down there. It also has the only electrical outlet so that is where the television, stereo, etc. are plugged in. We will be able to arrange it differently when more outlets are installed. You are right, I would rather see that cool couch when I come down the stairs and not the television!

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