The Office (not the TV series)


My office/crafts/sewing/gift wrapping room was probably built to be a nursery. Believe me, nothing else would fit in here but a crib and dresser. It measures roughly 8 by 9 feet.

We painted the walls and ceiling “Pinky Beige” from the Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Collection. I LOVE mid-century Paris decor so this is where I have most of it. My accent colors are bright pink and aqua with some black thrown in.

This memento holder is from IKEA.  I change it out with the seasons or when I take the notion. For Christmas I will hang vintage cards and other “Kitschmas” paper items. The wall hanging above it is a photo of Paris at night. That was a gift from my youngest son. Those Kentley wooden trays are dated 1952 and show scenes of the French Poodles Fifi and Pepe  romancing in Paris. They were originally a set of 4; I am searching for the other 2.

This vintage buffet holds paperwork, receipts and other office supplies. The aqua radio and other trinkets were garage sale finds. The Eiffel Tower lamp is from Target. The vintage fiberglass shade was picked up for $1.

This is the computer hutch. Beside it is a steel nightstand painted to look like blond wood 🙂 That long filmstrip of photos were taken in France last year when we visited  our oldest son. The hat and wig boxes were consignment store finds.

This amazing aqua fiberglass shell chair was $1 at an estate sale!  The framed early 60’s album was 25 cents at a book store in Louisville.

These fiberglass pinch pleat drapes were a thrift store find for $7. They are the perfect colors. The black metal stand and aqua suitcase were garage sale finds. One the bottom shelf are 2 great books I picked up:

Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book from 1956.  The cover is aqua 🙂

The other is Your Dream Home and How to Build it for Less from 1950.

This late 50’s framed Pan Am Airlines/Paris magazine ad was a Christmas gift from Hubby. The little metal shelves below hold some of my vintage poodles.

Inside this good sized closet is my hoard of sewing, crafting and gift wrapping supplies, my sewing machine, my vintage fabric stash, photos, old magazines and books,  and all manner of mid-century inspiration.

The original sliding closet doors and trim were replaced at some point with these painted modern ones. We hope to find unpainted period ones.

Yes it is small room. But we are empty nesters; who needs big bedrooms anymore. Besides it has everything a girl could want, with all the mess behind the closet doors. It is the one room I have kept somewhat feminine.

It is where I am sitting right now 🙂


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  1. Such a lovely room! My favorite piece is the vintage buffet, but I also love all of the teal accents also.
    ♥ Terrie ♥

  2. I love all of this! I visited France a few years ago and was quite nervous (I’d heard horror stories about how they dislike Americans, PLUS I was a Spanish minor – so I didn’t know more than a few words of the language.) But it turned out to be a great trip and I had a lot of fun. I have a similar Eiffel Tower piece that I picked up while I was there, but it doesn’t have the lamp on it. My best friend loves Paris stuff too. She’d really appreciate your room!

    • Thanks! I have had lots of fun with this room. I was also nervous about our trip, but not for the same reason. I am mortified of flying 😦 I think the French not liking Americans is nothing but media hype. I found EVERYONE there to be kind, helpful and gracious. They went out of their way to make us feel welcome and made sure we enjoyed our visit. I loved Paris but loved the Riviera even more 🙂 Plus we got to spend 17 days with our son. That was the best part 🙂

  3. You really are a bargain shopper! I just love to find great bargains. My favorite color is Aqua and has been since I was a young girl, so I think your office is Fantastic! You should be arrested for stealing that Aqua Chair…HA, $1.00….that is just crazy, you must have ran out of there with the biggest smile on your face!! Awesome

  4. I know! Can you believe that chair was so cheap?! It was an estate sale and I think they just wanted to get rid of things. Lucky for me 🙂 I saw the exact chair on Etsy for $120.
    I also love aqua. I have it in my kitchen and guest room also 🙂

  5. Oh yeah, you got a complete steal on that aqua chair! I know I have seen those around and going for big $$$ too. Your little poodles are so sweet too, I just love those! And those Kentley Trays…aren’t those awesome!?! My friend got me the whole set a few years back and I just love them to pieces!

    • Thanks Stacey! I love that little nightstand, too. I have a similar piece that is a metal chest of drawers with the rounded top and big knobs. It is a little more “tan” color than blonde but still is painted to look like wood 🙂 I have it in my guest bedroom.

      • OK, can you tell me how you did that? For example, have you done a post on that? Or, will you consider doing one? Because I cannot fathom how you painted metal to look like that!! 🙂

      • I did not paint them; I bought them like that. I think that is how they were made. Kind on like how they used to make kitchen cabinets out of metal. The blond nightstand has a partial sticker inside that says “Metal Beds Joseph Turk Bradley”. The dresser sticker says “Metal Furniture Manufactured by Turk”. Turk Furniture was located in my town. I am sure these pieces were part of bedroom suites 🙂

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