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The Many Faces of Mid Century Homes


Well…..I got up real early to take my walk while it was still cool. Camera in hand, Ā Woody and I set out to snap up photos of homes in my mid century neighborhood. I just got around the corner and ran into this:

This little guy was loose (no tags) and followed me closely the entire walk. I did manage to get some pretty good shots though. I apologize up front about the waste cans and yard waste in some photos. It was pick-up day and the trucks had not come around yet šŸ™‚

My subdivision is steeped in history, even though it was developed mid-century. It sits smack dab in the middle of the former farm of aĀ prominentĀ local family. Because part of the farm was a nursery, many of the big old trees are still standing.

I believe this fence is a remnant of the old farmstead; it sits in front of a brick ranch šŸ™‚ Ā Note the little fella is still walking with me:

This home is just around the corner. I love the built in planter and the sloping post holding up the porch roof.

This home is a very cool jade/aqua color with shake siding:

This home, with its soft gold color and split rail fence is a nod to Colonial.

This one has a more modern vibe with the nearly flat roof on one side and a slanted roof on the other:

My neighbors home gets the biggest chimney award:

This is the front of their lovely home:

Another nearly flat roof and crank out windows.

This one has a carport:

I love this wooden screen/divider on the porch:

This beauty if for sale:

I just like this one; Ā plain and simple.

I love the wrought iron details here. Note the lamppost.

Another lamppost:

Here is ours. See the cupola on the garage roof. Another nod to Colonial.

Our front yard is very park like:

Another built in planter:

I LOVE this lamppost. It looks like a flying saucer. And yes, I have walked up close to see if Ā I could find any markings on it. Anyone recognize the maker of this cool yard light?

One of my favorites; love all the windows/glass.

But THIS ONE came up for sale shortly after closing on our house. We went to the estate sale here (twice) and then to 2Ā RealtorĀ open houses. If it had been for sale before we would have jumped on this one. It had an original kitchen and baths, a screened in breezeway, full basement with additional fireplace and groovy bar, a brick planter INSIDE, 4 bedrooms, and was just plain cool . Ā It sold for less than we paid for ours šŸ˜¦

I could have taken dozens and dozens of more photos; none of these homes are alike. I just love all the different styles of mid-century represented here!

The Horrors of Former Paint Jobs


Hubby and I decided it was time to help the kitchen return to its former roots. At least with the wall color. Ā Because the extra paint left by the former owners of Croydon Place was unusable (can we say “put the lid on tight when you are done with the paint”) we couldn’t even touch up anything. All of the paint for the entire house was lumpy/stinky/goopy/rusty. All those gallons were hauled to paint recycle day at the Farmers Market.

Remember the Tuscan taupe:

Now it is aqua. We had enough paint left from the guest room redo so it didn’t cost a thing!

Hubby found evidence of former paint colors in the kitchen when scraping the dried drips of previous paint jobs. There was red, paler aqua, minty green, peachy pink Ā and yellow.

Of course under all that it was originally stained and varnished and looked like this:

Most of the woodwork in the house has been painted, with the exception of the knotty pine mudroom, 1 set of closet doors and the inside of 2 other doors šŸ˜¦ But even those have drips of paint all over them:

When is it ok to let you kids put stickers all over the doors? And not wipe up the paint drips?

This is the inside of a painted Ā kitchen cabinet drawer. The whole house was painted in this manner šŸ˜¦

I guess you can see why it makes me crabby.

On a brighter note, want to see my cutest laundry room ever? You remember thatĀ mid-century copper light fixture was a garage sale find ($25) and the little valances were only $7 on a Facebook linens page. The aqua pottery was picked up here and there for very little.

Oh, one thing that I forgot to mention. That washer and dryer are BRAND NEW. My old washer quit on me at 10pm a few Friday nights ago. Full of water no less. We did not plan on that little setback but…. now I have a new set to move into the big bathroom, where the laundry was when the house was built.

Next up for paint will be the living room/entry/hallway. We are looking at the greens in the Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern collection. Ā I am hoping to have it done before the holidays.

Then we will move on to the master bedroom. I am leaning towards the golds/corals maybe?

Stay tuned šŸ™‚

The Early Bird Gets the Bargains


Hubby and I were up and at ’em very early Saturday to hit an estate sale. We left home at 6:20 am, coffee in hand.

The family was handing out Ā numbers at the sale, since much of it was inside the house, so we were #4 and #5. I was worried that #1, 2 and 3 would get all the good stuff, but they left plenty for us.

How about this little Christmas stash: note the homemade felt Christmas stockings. Those are just so darling.

I dug these pastel planters our of a box in the driveway. They were 50 cents each. The coral pink one Ā is marked McCoy.

These little nut cups are all in mid-century colors. Aqua, yellowy orange, pink, white and green. I love the coral pinkĀ plastic candy dish, too.

There were lots of craft and sewing things. ThisĀ chartreuseĀ and green fabric just called my name. This will go in my Etsy shop.

How about all these hand-made aprons: My faveĀ is the one on the far right with the aqua. The pink one on the left has little butterflies šŸ™‚ They were 25 cents each!

I purchased several boxes of vintage greeting cards for $10.

Imagine my happiness when these were in the Valentine box:

How about this gem of a Valentine?

Also picked up this leather (?) Hawaii souvenir pillow cover to sell. 25 cents. Yes, 25 cents.

This sun lamp in the original box was made before we all knew better:

You know we are crazy for Mid-Century music, especially Christmas. How about these for $1 each:

We bought those to go along with this $60 gem!!!!!

This is the inside:

This is for the basement, which is where the guys hang. Ā I cannot wait to get it all decorated for Christmas down there. That is where the aluminum tree is going šŸ™‚