The Horrors of Former Paint Jobs


Hubby and I decided it was time to help the kitchen return to its former roots. At least with the wall color.  Because the extra paint left by the former owners of Croydon Place was unusable (can we say “put the lid on tight when you are done with the paint”) we couldn’t even touch up anything. All of the paint for the entire house was lumpy/stinky/goopy/rusty. All those gallons were hauled to paint recycle day at the Farmers Market.

Remember the Tuscan taupe:

Now it is aqua. We had enough paint left from the guest room redo so it didn’t cost a thing!

Hubby found evidence of former paint colors in the kitchen when scraping the dried drips of previous paint jobs. There was red, paler aqua, minty green, peachy pink  and yellow.

Of course under all that it was originally stained and varnished and looked like this:

Most of the woodwork in the house has been painted, with the exception of the knotty pine mudroom, 1 set of closet doors and the inside of 2 other doors 😦 But even those have drips of paint all over them:

When is it ok to let you kids put stickers all over the doors? And not wipe up the paint drips?

This is the inside of a painted  kitchen cabinet drawer. The whole house was painted in this manner 😦

I guess you can see why it makes me crabby.

On a brighter note, want to see my cutest laundry room ever? You remember that mid-century copper light fixture was a garage sale find ($25) and the little valances were only $7 on a Facebook linens page. The aqua pottery was picked up here and there for very little.

Oh, one thing that I forgot to mention. That washer and dryer are BRAND NEW. My old washer quit on me at 10pm a few Friday nights ago. Full of water no less. We did not plan on that little setback but…. now I have a new set to move into the big bathroom, where the laundry was when the house was built.

Next up for paint will be the living room/entry/hallway. We are looking at the greens in the Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern collection.  I am hoping to have it done before the holidays.

Then we will move on to the master bedroom. I am leaning towards the golds/corals maybe?

Stay tuned 🙂


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    • Thanks! Yes I love all those mid-century colors we found. We are trying to stay true to that color palette when painting here. Unfortunately the previous owners were sloppy and tried to update the house (to sell) with a “Tuscan” feel 😦
      I also love pottery. It is really inexpensive around here; no one appreciates it 🙂

      • The other day, I saw the smallest McCoy Pot, same pattern but it was the dark green (I don’t collect that color) and it was marked 35.00. CRAZY, I would never pay that. But you are sooo lucky if you can find deals on McCoy.

  1. Yes, your laundry room has to be the cutest laundry room ever! I just love all that KP!!! I really feel your pain on all of the sloppy paint jobs and messed up blonde doors – you know we had to deal with all of that madness at Mom’s condo too. ugh. Oh and I REALLY like that aqua color in the kitchen – it looks FAB!!!

  2. Oh thanks Sara! I do love that laundry room. It makes it a little more fun to do laundry 🙂
    And that aqua paint in the kitchen makes it feel cleaner to me! I just loved your post today with all your fabulous finds from your trip 🙂 Oh those purses……..

  3. That aqua makes all the difference. It also goes great with that blond furniture.

    I like the evidence of paint jobs past – “looks like something an archeologist would find” was the first thing I thought of when I saw it, too.

    And your laundry room – beautiful!!

    • Oh! P.S. If you have stickers to remove, smear peanut butter on them and come back in about 15 minutes. Give that a couple rounds and it’ll be perfectly clean. Trust me!

      • Thanks! I did not know that. I use Goo B Gone but sometimes that does not even work. I wish I knew how to remove all the paint splatters from those varnished doors and trim and the unsealed floor grout in the kitchen and bath 😦

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