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A Peek Inside A 1957 Time Capsule Home


I can barely contain myself; I was in the most amazing 1957 time capsule home this weekend.  And yes I took lots of photos. 58 to be exact. I have whittled it down (although it was hard).  I wanted you to see EVERYTHING!

It belongs to our friends from church. They just moved in a few days ago and  were gracious enough to give us the grand tour while still cleaning and unpacking. They even gave us a 2 piece sectional day bed (think Brady Bunch family room).  It even came with the corner table!

Warning: there are lots of pictures in this post 🙂  Because I had so many to show you, they are smaller. You can click for a close up.

This is just to show you the awesomeness that awaits inside:

The original floor in the foyer:

The very long brick fireplace wall in the sunken living room. Note the planter/wall divider on the end. That is the dining room up the stairs on the right.

This light fixture is in the living room; I have no words to describe its coolness:

The back of that long  fireplace wall runs into the sun room with a built-in barbecue!  Note the scalloped trim on the planked ceiling. This room is also wrapped with a brick ledge under the windows for seating or placing plants.

Another view:

There are 3  (yes THREE!) original baths. The tile work, grout  and floors are perfect. Lucky them 🙂

The pink and black one was my favorite:

With a  divider on the knee wall and black swan tiles! The floor is charcoal.

This  gray bath has the original gray toilet, sink and tiled shower. The floor was charcoal and gray. There are star burst pulls on the cabinet above the toilet.

The master bath is blue/grey/black:

Another view:

How about these black lights above the curved vanity:

The home has the original light fixtures!

In the den:

One (of a pair)  in a bedroom:

In the sun room:

The windows in the foyer go to the floor and the storm door has jalousie windows. Their  sweet dog is still a little unsettled.

The kitchen has the original flooring, cabinets and counter tops:

The basement was unreal. It had a big curvy bar, a huge wall planter/mirror and lighted murals. Under those murals along the floor are more brick planters:

Here is a tiled floor inside the back door:

This bathroom door has a moon on it 🙂

The kitchen cabinet knobs match the counter tops; they look like gray tweed:

Some interior doors:

Looking outside from the sun room:

Another kitchen wall. The hood is original and tiled back splash are original. The cook top and wall oven have been replaced.

This wonderful home even has an intercom system and laundry chute to the basement.  It sits on a huge piece of property in the country.

Here is a view of the back patio:

The bedrooms and den floor were original hardwood. The living room and dining room have their original off white carpet. All of the doors are original and none of the trim has been painted.

The front door knob is located in the center of the door. The rest of the interior doors have the same knobs and escutcheons.

The new owners have plans to clean up the outside of the property. It has been neglected for many years and the wonderful built-in planters and retaining walls are overgrown and hidden by trees and bushes.

I was assured that I would be invited back in a few months when they have settled in.

I cannot wait to show you more of this awesome home!

What do you think?

What I’ve Done With Old Christmas Decor


If you have followed my blog, you may remember my last post. I was telling you about my stash of mid century Christmas decor that had somehow taken over my basement (and my life).

I have finally started to get productive down there and now have several things made for the shop, Ebay and my Etsy store.  A few burns, scratches and sore neck muscles later, I have some things done.

Here is a little peek:

I remodeled some sad looking cardboard houses.

I just love this little red suitcase. I picked it up at an estate sale  (full of early 1960’s Barbie/Ken  stuff) and knew it would be great revamped for Christmas since it was lined with that white and silver star paper!


I am IN LOVE with this aqua and pink wreath. It matches my office 🙂 I may end up keeping it.

This red and gold one is Hubbys favorite:

For those who want an 70’s Alpine feel:

50’s red and green:

Angel and Stars:

Some little odds and ends:

I made some little vignettes in these old wooden cutlery boxes:

And just so you won’t think I have been too busy to thrift, what do you think of my mid-century chair?  It was $8 at a Consignment shop where I sell.

I am guessing it was an office/reception room chair. I plan to spray paint the metal black and recover it. I love the legs 🙂

Here is the back:

Does anyone have any idea what this would have been covered in originally? I am guessing some type of vinyl with piping.

Stay tuned for more crafty projects.  I better get back down there. You know it is only 14 weeks until Christmas!

Labor Day Weekend (or getting ready for Christmas)


Yes I know.

It was just Labor Day.

I am knee-deep in Christmas craziness.

I have been buying and stashing vintage holiday decor all year to sell and to use for my retro crafting. I will be selling items in my shop and also on Etsy and Ebay.

This is what my basement work area looks like. I know;  it’s pretty bad. But it is the only place where I can leave it all out and if someone stops by they won’t have to see that I really am a hoarder. All of those containers are FULL!

I also hit a great estate sale last week.  Everything was $1 or less.  Check out that groovy two-tone  aqua typewriter!  That little box is full of old Christmas gift tags. I am keeping the matte cream vase; the rest is to sell.

I picked up this star burst clock at a garage sale for $1. The balls were orange and it needed new hands.  After a little TLC I think it looks pretty good in the green bathroom:

Most of Labor Day weekend was spent doing “labor”.  Hubby had a 4 day weekend so he spent it working on landscaping in the side yard.

First he had to unearth all of these 252 bricks and stack them nice:

Then he dug up old tree roots, leveled the ground, laid landscape fabric and installed these:

Bless him, he only suffered one bee sting the whole weekend.  Little did we know that there is a colony of bees living underground back there 😦

I think the patio area is looking nice:

We did manage to take a break later on Labor Day. We cooked out and had family over, but it was too hot and humid to stay outside 😦

I am so tired of summer. I long for the day when I have to put on a sweater, make a pot of chili just to warm up the kitchen and bake pumpkin cookies. If it would cool off I would put up my fall decorations!