What I’ve Done With Old Christmas Decor


If you have followed my blog, you may remember my last post. I was telling you about my stash of mid century Christmas decor that had somehow taken over my basement (and my life).

I have finally started to get productive down there and now have several things made for the shop, Ebay and my Etsy store.  A few burns, scratches and sore neck muscles later, I have some things done.

Here is a little peek:

I remodeled some sad looking cardboard houses.

I just love this little red suitcase. I picked it up at an estate sale  (full of early 1960’s Barbie/Ken  stuff) and knew it would be great revamped for Christmas since it was lined with that white and silver star paper!


I am IN LOVE with this aqua and pink wreath. It matches my office 🙂 I may end up keeping it.

This red and gold one is Hubbys favorite:

For those who want an 70’s Alpine feel:

50’s red and green:

Angel and Stars:

Some little odds and ends:

I made some little vignettes in these old wooden cutlery boxes:

And just so you won’t think I have been too busy to thrift, what do you think of my mid-century chair?  It was $8 at a Consignment shop where I sell.

I am guessing it was an office/reception room chair. I plan to spray paint the metal black and recover it. I love the legs 🙂

Here is the back:

Does anyone have any idea what this would have been covered in originally? I am guessing some type of vinyl with piping.

Stay tuned for more crafty projects.  I better get back down there. You know it is only 14 weeks until Christmas!


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  1. I literally just recovered two chairs just like this this past summer. I even did a post about it! Have fun and great work!

  2. I love LOVE those wreaths. I’ve been hoarding all year to do wreaths like that. Unlike you, I am procrastinating; I think I’m a little scared that I can’t pull it off. OK, I’m using this post as inspiration. Love the houses, revamped Barbie case, and well, everything you showed! And good catch on that chair.

    • Thank you Stacey! I think the Barbie case is one of my favorites, too.
      Just jump in and get started. You can do it! Plus you will have all of it done before it is time to put up the decor.
      Post pictures of your projects! I would love to see them 🙂

  3. Well, aren’t you the crafty one! I LOVE all of your Christmas stuff, esp. those wreaths! And that chair for $8……awesome!!!!!

    OK, so I’m curious having collected vintage Barbie in the past…what did you wind up doing with the Barbie stuff???

    • Thanks Sara!
      I divided up all the Barbie and Ken stuff and sold it on Ebay.
      I have kept much of my own Barbie stuff from the 60’s, Even the Country Camper 🙂
      I am saving it all in case I ever have a granddaughter. Plus my great niece likes to play with it when she comes over.
      I am anxious to do something with that chair. I think it was a great find.

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