The Guest Room (is now empty)


The first room to be updated here on Croydon Place was the guest room. Soon after moving in we learned that Oldest Son was moving back to the US and would be staying with us for awhile.

Since the room had been painted a lovely shade of pink  (the former owners had 3 girls) we started with the wall color.  Mid Century aqua is was!

I had picked up a set of dressers at an estate sale and another chest of drawers at the shop where I sell.

This one is steel 🙂

The bed came with us from the farmhouse and is filling in until I find a suitable mid-century one 🙂

The window coverings are bamboo roll up shades from Big Lots and I ordered the atomic look bark cloth fabric from Tonic Living and made the valances.

The pair of funky lamps came from a garage sale ($10 for the pair).

The 60’s wall sconce was found on Ebay (the original one smoked and sparked when turned on).  There are 3 others that match this one in other areas of the house.

The funky pillows were from Pier One but I found them at garage sales. Everything else was picked up for next to nothing.

This bedroom is the only one that has the original and unpainted doors on the closet:

I tried to accessorize with some reminders of  France so the World Traveling Son would not miss it too much 🙂

Like how can you recreate this?

I took this when we were there visiting him 🙂

The Monaco poster came from Big Lots and the Riviera paint by number was $7 at an antique mall.

I love the blond frame 🙂

This little metal stand was a garage sale find for $1. I gave it a fresh coat of black paint.  He used it for books, his lap top, etc.

He has moved on, into a large turn-of-the-century home in our city’s historic district.

The guest room seems a little empty now.

We still have work to do in there. We need a more suitable looking ceiling fan. Yes, a ceiling fan.

It is HOT here in the summer. It may not be period appropriate but it is something we are not willing to be without.

We would like to refinish the original cork floors that are under that carpet (if we only knew how).  And a mid-century twin bed is eluding us for some reason.

Our next project (besides holiday decorating) is to paint the living room/entry/hallway. We have decided on Harvest Gold from the Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Collection.

Stay tuned! As soon as Halloween is over I go into overdrive 🙂


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    • Thank you Sara. My decor in there started as just a “welcome home” theme, and sort of grew from there. I love vintage travel themed things anyway so it was fun.
      It makes me sad that almost all of our woodwork and doors are painted; I love those closet doors. I imagine that is what my kitchen cabinets look like under all those coats of paint 😦

  1. I’ve been in overdrive already around here, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I love this room. I love so many things about it but especially — the lamps, the globe (we decorate with globes too), the framed poster, the dressers and chest of drawers, and the paint on the wall. Love it all!

    I’m looking forward to those pics you are going to post for Christmas!

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