A Few Finds to Distract From a Hot Mess


I thought I would show you a few finds to distract me from the mess; we are in the process of painting the living room, entry and hallway. I will post that project after the fact.

I am still thrifting.  I am always on the hunt for something cool, especially if it is cheap.

This little aqua and pink  shell covered vase was 10 cents at a sidewalk sale at a consignment shop I frequent. Someone worked very hard to glue all of those shells onto this simple vase. I love it.

This cool hanging thingy was given to me by another vendor at the shop where I sell. I mentioned to her that I had been looking at (wanting)  it and she  just handed it to me and said “take it”.  So I did! For free! It looks great in my knotty pine laundry room.

It says “Hang it All” just like that funky charcoal grill that we bought and was featured over at Retro Renovation.


How about these sweet deer: they also hang out in my laundry room.

I found these great drink glasses to match that Flintstones inspired pitcher. The blue one features an Elroy Jetson style motif 🙂 The one on the left is a cowboy and the center one features all four seasons.

As much as I dislike orange, I am finding that I am buying it.

I think that I am going to paint the cubbies in this built-in bookcase next to the fireplace in assorted colors to give it a more funky vibe.

Probably aqua, grey, peachy beige, pale gold?

What do you think?

The prep work for this paint job is unbelievable. We have plaster walls, and the previous owners did not seem to care one bit about this house. They did not even bother to take the switch plate covers off before painting 😦

After spending thousands on all new windows, this is how they caulked:

I mean, really?

Needless to say Dear Hubby has patched, sanded, filled, scraped and primed practically every inch of these rooms. All while working full time and trying to help built the sets for our upcoming church Christmas musical.

Hopefully next week it will all be Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Harvest Gold awesomeness 🙂

Check back then!


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  1. Oh man, I really feel your pain on the painting problems…..Mom’s condo was the SAME way. Eek, it took forever for us to get that tiny place primed and painted!!! I can’t wait to see the new look and I totally think painting the bookcase cubbies different colors is a FAB idea.

    I love all of your finds……free – how can you beat free!?! And those glasses are awesome!!!

  2. That’s vase would look perfect at my house and those aqua mccoys…swoon. Of course I think everything should be aqua including your bookcase. Don’t you hate when you have to re-do something you already paid a professional to do…shame on them. Good luck with the painting

    • Thanks! I love aqua, too! But I don’t think Dear Hubby will let me have it all over the house 🙂 The sloppy caulk job is just one of MANY things that were done (or in some cases NOT done) prior to our purchase of this home 😦 I am ready to have the painting done and then put up Christmas decorations!

  3. Poor job on the caulking for sure. Boo. Are you really going to paint your cubbies all different colors? That could look super cool. If not, paint again!

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