The Thrift Store Chair and More Kitschmas


We are FINALLY finished decorating for Christmas. I think.

I have a hard time stopping. I just want Kitschmas greatness all over the house!

I seem to have a fondness (bordering on obsession) with shadow boxes. This is one of 2 in the main bath:

This window in that bathroom was one of the selling features of this home for me. I just love to decorate that wide marble ledge:

Here is another shadowbox in the basement. Also one of a pair:

This wooden Santa, his sleigh and reindeer have been in Hubbys family since the 50’s. It fits perfect on the basement coffee table. This is the first year for the aluminum tree 🙂

clay basket 171

I stole this idea  from someone else’s Mid-Century blog. I made these from assorted sized dowel rods. I think they add a little something cool to the kitchen:

christmas 2012 017
christmas 2012 019

Here are the new pulls on the fireplace built ins. I got these mid-century gems  on Etsy for $3 each 🙂

clay basket 179

How about these Kitschy Christmas Cards? These were bought on Ebay and at an estate sale this past summer. I cannot wait to sit by that aluminum tree and address them:

clay basket 178

A few months ago I showed you a $7 chair from the thrift store;  not too impressive, huh?

christmasebayetsy 030

Well here it is NOW!

Doesn’t it look great in the living room? I had the fabric left over from another project and just reversed it. I then spray painted the arms and legs with paint I already had. My total cost for this extra seating was less than $60.

clay basket 181

I reworked a large wreath that I had at the farmhouse for the front porch. Instead of lights it is illuminated by a spot light:

christmas 2012 077

This vintage bookcase is now a pretend bar cabinet near the entry. The mirror and lamp are IKEA.

christmas 2012 062

Here is the finished fireplace wall in the living room:

christmas 2012 076

I  hope everyone is having a great Christmas season so far.

I cannot wait to start wrapping. I will have to show you some of my vintage wrapping paper hoard next time.

Stay tuned!


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  1. oh boy, I have sooooo much to do. But first I’m off on a little holiday. I love all the creamware, I also decorate in creams, sprinkled with aqua, brown and pink. You did a great job on that chair too.

  2. Oh wow, your house looks SO amazing, I love it all!!! Really, really great job decorating……I still haven’t gotten anything out yet and time is just getting away from me. Hopefully sometime this week!

    And gosh, that chair – LOVE IT! Great job!!!!!

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