Vintage Lamp Score and More!


Sorry it has been so long from over here on Croydon Place. January is kind of  a slow month in our house.  Here in the Midwest it is cold and snowy most of the winter. My thrifting escapades are down to a  minimum.

I did manage to find this gem, buried (and I do mean buried) in a junk shop I frequent. I purchased the shade separate from the lamp but I think they look great together:

new stuff 088

This was unearthed at the same shop, in the warehouse next door. I am not sure if it is old or not. From my research on the internet, this (or at least a similar version) has been made by General Foam Plastics Co. for at least 50 years. I love the gold star burst on the front of Santa’s sleigh! Do any of you know how to date this item?

new stuff 076

I also got this Santa cutie at a thrift store that is on my regular rounds. One of the employees there knows what I am looking for and sometimes is able to set aside items for me before they hit the floor. How wonderful is that?

new stuff 001

He is big and made of styrofoam. His hat has a little wear on the edge, but I think I can fix him up! He might look good in the center of a big wreath outside.

Also from there, this vintage serving bowl has a pine cone motif. I thought it would be great for snacks in the basement during the cold months:

new stuff 105

Since all of the Christmas stuff is down and my house is somewhat back to normal, I thought I would show you a few shots. I move stuff around a lot, so you may see some things you recognize in new places.

I filled my basement shadow boxes with winter themed items, primarily skiing:

new stuff 106

These lead Barclay figures were a garage sale find. I found the same ones in a 1966 Sears Christmas catalog:

new stuff 107

I found this cool tray and the reversible bark cloth pillow hidden in a box in our storage room down the basement. I forgot I had them.  For over 2 years. Yes,  I must have too much stuff:

new stuff 104

new stuff 100

The other side:

new stuff 101

Here is the new Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Collection “harvest gold” paint job down our formerly dark hallway.  Much brighter now 🙂

new stuff 089

See how the fireplace wraps around the wall into the entry:

new stuff 095

Our next project was to paint the master bedroom. That was before we had something come up needing more urgent attention.

You know, like the roof. It is leaking. Into my craft closet. Ruining the plaster.

I have had 2 contractors, the insurance company and an engineer here.

They are all still discussing it 😦

Stay tuned!


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  1. Oh dear, I hope that won’t be really hard to fix. Funny, I was just in this store today called ‘Value Village’…it’s like goodwill. I was looking for an interesting container to make a fairy garden in. I didn’t find one but looked at a nice Teacup…it was $23.99 and I was like ‘WHAT????” I mights as well go to Homesense. ….now I can’t even afford to shop at Goodwill

    • Wow! I have to say, NO ONE here appreciates mid-century things (which is my primary focus) so it all goes for a song. Things that are a little older go for more. With the economy the way it is in our area, there are thrift stores everywhere 🙂

  2. Oh gosh, I sure do hope your roofing repair work goes smoothly and does not cost too much $$$. We had a huge storm here about 10 years ago and we had to have our entire roof replaced. ugggghhhh, not fun.

    Super love that lamp you found! I found a similar-ish one here at Goodwill about a year ago and I really love mine too. Of course I had to order a shade from Moonshine lampshades to go along with it which then made my $2 lamp find cost a whole lot more in the end! 🙂

    • Thanks Sara 🙂 Yes big home repairs always cost the most and show the least. Although I guess replacing the roof is actually something we can see, at least when we are outside looking up. I love that lamp, too. I really lucked out on the shade; many times those fiberglass ones are not in good shape or the lacing is broken.

    • Thanks Eartha! I still don’t know the age of Santa and his lone reindeer; but I love him just the same 🙂 And I am digging the Harvest Gold walls. It is so much brighter than the dark olive green that was here.

  3. I love the lamp. And am intrigued. Would love to see the table the lamp is sitting on! It looks divine. I am in central ohio. Mid Century is very hit or miss here. Down near campus and trendy neighborhoods everything is three times the price. And I have also noticed on craiglsist and ebay the new MAD MEN STYLE description. If it says that you might as well double the price. Still, I have some favorite, smaller antique stores where I can still find great things that no one else seems interested in…ANd you know what, I love those pieces the most!!!

    • Thank you! Mid Century in my area is nearly unheard of; no one cares about it. So many items are found for very little. You are right about the “Mad Men” description 🙂 It helps if you are the seller but not so much for the buyer.

  4. Very sorry about your horrible roof. I used that same Harvest Gold paint color for some time. I did like it but the repainting never stops so in 7 years I had the opportunity to paint it again. Went a little lighter and a little more beige. But liked the gold, just got tired of it. You know the dreadful cycle.

    • Thank you! Yes that roof is a big deal; we have just found out that the insurance company will NOT be helping us with the cost 😦
      I also love to paint (and re-paint) but I am pretty happy with the Harvest Gold for now. I am also caught in the dreadful cycle of re-arranging everything 🙂

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