Why You Should NEVER Carpet the Basement


Homeownership does not come without its problems. You know: costly repairs and upkeep, rising real estate taxes and insurance,  the never-ending “to do” list.

Last month we had a little setback here at Croydon Place.

Lest I be a “Debbie Downer” I will keep it brief. We came home from church a few Sundays back and discovered that we had SEWER backup in the floor drain of my basement. Not in the workroom of Hubbys that just has a painted concrete floor. No, it backed up in the very large nicely carpeted and heavily furnished family room that we just put together before Christmas.

It looked like this before:

christmas 2012 032

In a few short hours it became this:

Note: the black area to the right is the point of entry.

basement mess 017

new stuff 617

Isn’t that a lovely room?

After hurrying to move sofas, tables, chairs, a china cupboard (full of dishes) the stereo, hundreds of record albums, a dinette & chairs, lamps and all the “decor” to anywhere we could find room, sewer men with large equipment had to be dispatched (on Sunday no less). The city sewer crew was called in to make sure it was our issue and not theirs. Three times.

The carpet and pad had to be cut out and hauled away. Then everything had to be scrubbed clean. There was no way we were going to re carpet that room, lest this happen again.

We had to patch holes in the floor where the carpet tacking strips has been screwed into the concrete.  Glue had to be scraped off. We decided while we had the mess we would paint the whole space and also Hubbys workroom.

NONE of this was planned. We were actually in the middle of painting our bedroom 😦 That same day the water pipe running along the basement ceiling to the outside faucet broke loose and sprayed my basement with water.  And we got up the next morning to no hot water. After the plumber got here it was determined that the part for the water heater would have to be ordered and Fed Exed to us. Again on our dime.

Yes we had insurance coverage. But it takes weeks to get a check.  You have to pay for all the repairs before it comes. And you have to deal with the mess.  A big mess. I will be showing you all the changes down there as soon as we are finished. I think it is gonna look fab!

We have also recently gotten new lighting, retro fans and are finishing off the master bedroom.

Stay tuned for updates!



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  1. Oh NO! you poor girl (and hubby). What a terrible terrible mess. Have you corrected the sewer issue? Apparently there’s some kind of back stop valve that suppose to help ((???)) On our news this spring as they warn about flooding with heavy winter snow. We were home owners for 25 years and there’s always something isn’t there? I guess that’s one benefit of renting. Good Luck with everything.

    • Thank you Sara 🙂 We are getting there, slow but sure. I think it will be great when finished but is just such a headache in the interim. You know one thing that gets me through? Your fab finds on Ebay each week. I look forward to them!

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