Mid Century Lighting


There are lots of photos in this post so hang in there.

We have FINALLY updated most of the lighting  here on Croydon Place. With the exception of the basement, which at the moment is in the middle of its own renovation after a sewer backup last month, every room in this mid-century home has new and / or more appropriate lighting.

When we purchased the house it was adorned with  Shabby Chic and Tuscan inspired pieces,  a couple of original built-ins and one from the 70’s which smoked and sizzled when turned on.

Slowly we have changed them out by getting  some cool ones on Ebay or at garage sales and filling in with retro inspired ones from our local Lowes and Menards home improvement stores.

Here are the new outdoor sconces on either side of the garage door and the patio. They replaced white Colonial lanterns from the 1990’s. They are very dark brown and match an older (original?) light already in place outside. I like the way the light shines up and down the brick at night.

ebay etsy sales 020

Here is an original built-in light fixture on the front porch. I think it was originally chrome and matched the one above my kitchen sink.

new stuff 640

Don’t you just  love the plaster patch around this light? GRRRRR….

new stuff 644

Here is another built-in with chrome trim in the main bath.  Below this was the original location of the washer and dryer. Those floor to ceiling cabinets were added later. Someone did not check their measurements; the cabinet trim had to be cut around the chrome trim of this light.

new stuff 646

I picked up a set of 4 vintage matching cone-shaped lights on Ebay. 2 were double and 2 single. I like that they can to turned and twisted in the direction you need light.

They ended up in the entry, the hallway and in the 2 smaller bedrooms:

new stuff 639

new stuff 638

new stuff 634

new stuff 636

This atomic looking cutie also came from Ebay. It is now in my office and coordinates with the wall sconce above:

new stuff 635

This copper one is from a garage sale. It is now in the knotty pine utility room off of the kitchen:

new stuff 642

This was also from Ebay and is now above my tiled in mirror in the main bath. It has a built-in electrical outlet but no one here is tall enough to use it 😦

new stuff 645

Because it is hot here in the summer, and our central air conditioning was probably an unprofessional upgrade a few years back,  we need ceiling fans in the main rooms. I searched far and wide for ones that I thought would look like they actually belong here and that we could afford. No,  they are not authentic, but when it is 100 degrees who really cares?  I think they still look pretty retro.

These 2 are in the master bedroom and guest room. They are black, have a low profile and look sleek:

new stuff 637

new stuff 633

These 2 are in the kitchen and living room. I like that the 3 blades look like airplane propellers.

new stuff 643

They did not come with lighting. I picked up the fixture for this one on Ebay. I think it looks sort of “space” like.
new stuff 641

Check back soon to see the updated Master Bedroom. I am making window coverings with some Atomic repro fabric I purchased on Ebay. When I have those done I will post the unveiling!

Have a great week everyone!


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  1. Beautiful spaces. I like the gold bullet lights. Thankfully, using your advice, I waited and found the perfect set for my home…. meaning more lights for my place. Gezzz…

  2. first… love your home and your blog!! we live in a 1960 ranch and have been slowly restoring it to it’s mid-century modern glory. we also have those awful white colonial outdoor lights on either side of our garage. i love the lights you used to replace yours and was wondering where you got them.

    love all the goodies you share here. lots of inspiration!!

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