Atomic / Tiki Drapes Round Out the Master Bedroom


We are finally finished in the master bedroom.

Just this morning, I finished making the drapes and got those hung. Take a look:

The walls are Caribbean Coral from the Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Collection. That tension pole lamp was picked up from a local resale shop. It matches my Tiki theme perfectly.

new stuff 651

The only retro looking ย fan we could afford:

new stuff 637

The bedding was on clearance at Target last fall.

new stuff 655

Another shadow box for my collection.

new stuff 654

Some of my Tiki themed finds:

new stuff 653

Here is a close up of the drapery fabric. I got it on Ebay for a great price. It is an ย Atomic 50’s reproduction from 2002. ย I wanted to coordinate with my green and yellow pottery pieces, the coral on the wall and that funky orange and green pole lamp!

It was a dream to work with. Heavy enough to drape nicely and light enough to make the sewing simple.

new stuff 650

What do you think folks? Have I hit the mark with this room?


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  1. That drapery fabric is a flashback for sure. Amazing you found one with all the colours you were looking for. Very ‘Don Draper’…(Mad Men is in the 60’s this year).

    • I know, isn’t it cool! I liked it so much I ordered more, except this time in gray / black. I am going to use it for my living room drapes. You watch Mad Men also? I am hooked on that and Vegas, which takes place in 1961 ๐Ÿ™‚

      • OMgosh, I am so disappointed in Don this year I can’t even stand it. What a cad!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll have to check out Vegas? I haven’t heard of it….who’s in that?

  2. Looks great!!! Love how you coordinated all your colors!! I’m trying to figure out what I can paint coral in my house! Love your blog, thanks for the posts.

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