A Quick Review of Paint Colors


Now I can say it:

Every single room in our ranch home has been painted. Walls, ceilings, trim, floor, windows, doors,  you name it.  If it COULD be painted it HAS BEEN painted. Inside and out.

We have used the Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Collection as our palette. That kept it pretty simple and avoided hauling multiple paint chips home to agonize over. And besides: it is just paint.

Here is the new paint scheme on the original (we think) 1951 garage door using white, Caribbean Coral and Harvest Gold:

blogstuff 001

Caribbean Coral in the Master bedroom:

new stuff 616

Harvest Gold in the living room, entry and hallway. All of the doors and trim are white:

new stuff 092

Chelsea Gray in the 3/4 bath:


Pinky Beige in the office:

office 020

Aqua in the guest room and kitchen. This is not a true Sherwin Williams color. It is a cross between Holiday Turquoise and Burma Jade:

new stuff 168

The entire basement has been painted Chelsea Gray and Classic French Gray:

blogstuff 004

The front and back door are also Caribbean Coral.  Someday I want a true mid-century door.

blogstuff 005

The basement floor has an Epoxy floor paint the equivalent of  Plymouth Green: 

blogstuff 003

All of the ceilings (in rooms where the wall color and ceiling are not the same) are Porcelain:

new stuff 639

It feel so good to have everything freshly painted and CLEAN.  The prep work was unreal. We had to remove stickers,  scotch tape, sloppy caulk  and bad patch jobs before we could even prime anything.

Now on to the next project: decorating the newly remodeled basement!

Enjoy the springtime everyone!


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    • Thanks guys!!! That color combo and configuration was a tough sell for Hubby. But we have gotten so many compliments I think he has come around to my way of thinking. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing it over at your place 🙂

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  5. Kudos on all the prep and paint work! We’ve been working through a lot of the same questionable DIY done by previous owners. My favorite so far has been finding that they used silicone caulk to try to patch cracks in the drywall. :-/

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