A Quick Little Buying Trip


Hubby and I decided to hit the road last weekend for a little R&R. Of course our idea of relaxation is digging for vintage finds!

We left bright and early so we would arrive at our destination area when the stores opened! We hit every Re-Store,  thrift store, antique mall and junk shop we could find. I had it all  mapped out beforehand, so we covered a lot of ground. Here are a few of our thrifty finds:

One Re-Store had record albums 6 for $1. How about this cool one, which we have already framed and hung:

new stuff 808

Here are a few more we could not resist:

new stuff 813

A set of  international themed cookbooks; all for $3.00.

new stuff 809

Of course I am always on the lookout for Kitschmas, especially for $1.50.

new stuff 810

Some small bowls with aqua, 30 cents each.  I never seem to have enough bowls.

new stuff 811

AND….and authentic and unused (Enid) Collins of Texas purse. I bought it to sell but now I’m having 2nd thoughts 😦

new stuff 807

Hubby saw this down the street from a Re-Store. He wants an old boat 🙂
new stuff 765

This store was the best of the whole trip! I cannot begin to describe the treasures inside this place. And great prices, too!

new stuff 771

You will have to wait a little bit to see the awesome pieces we bought home from this place. I will post them soon!

I saw this cutie at an Antique Mall. It DID NOT come home with me. Sigh….

new stuff 792

We are fortunate that Mid Century has still not caught on very well in our area. There are bargains to be had everywhere you turn 🙂


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    • I know, and isn’t it just fab! I have been looking online and cannot find another one with that same pattern called “”Gift Wrapped”. I was trying to date it. And it is pristine. I don’t think anyone ever used it 🙂

  1. Go you for finding a Collins bag!!! Score! I am not a Collins expert by any means, but I think the horse logo with the Collins name means it’s a bit later in manufacture – like maybe early to mid 70s??? Another company bought out Enid Collins, and when they did I guess the horse logo was added – most of the early stuff just says ‘Collins’.

    That poodle lamp is adorbs!!!

    • That Collins purse now has me hooked! I bought another groovy one on Etsy with a Mothers Day gift certificate from one of my sons!
      You are right, the horse logo dates them to later. I have looked all over online and cannot find another with the “Gift Wrapped” design. And it is PERFECT. I don’t know if anyone ever carried it. I have also been looking online for a resource that dates Collins purse designs and years of manufacture. All I could find was old magazine ads on Ebay.
      Isn’t that poodle lamp so cute? I loved it. I wanted it for my office but just did not have anywhere to use it. So I walked away. Sniff 😦

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