An Easy DIY project, a Collins Purse and a Groovy Serving Cart


In my last post, I told you of a great (Enid) Collins of Texas purse I found on a buying trip. I have yet to find another one like it online so for now I am keeping it. That little purse has started another collection.

Here is my newest, which I quickly snagged off Etsy with a Mothers Day gift certificate from the oldest son:

new stuff 872

I have already received many compliments from all the gals in my life! They guys not so much. They kind of roll their eyes.

We have been working (slowly) in the basement, trying to finish up after the awful sewer back up this past spring.

Only 1/2 of my basement is living space.  The other half is a very large storage area where we keep Christmas and other out of season things. The door to that and to the crawl space were just plywood on hinges so Hubby primed and painted them, trimmed them out with ranch style trim and we decided to make them works of art!  Well, maybe not “art”, but something interesting to look at anyway.

Here are some before photos of those doors:

new stuff 868

new stuff 869

Hubby likes all matter of mid-century guy stuff, so we decided to make collages. I purchased poster boards (so the “art” would be removable when we want to change up the theme) and cut out ads from old magazines I had. I then decoupaged them to the poster boards and hung them with tacks on the doors. The whole project cost less than $10 for both doors.


new stuff 875

Here is a little close up:

new stuff 879

The bigger door:

new stuff 1010

A close up:

new stuff 1011

A few weeks back a dear friend messaged me while she was on vacation to say she had found me a groovy serving cart on wheels for $15!  Her and her poor Hubby dragged it home for me in the back of their vehicle.

Isn’t is great in my kitchen with my Fred Press atomic glasses and the gold leaves chip & dip?

new stuff 940

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!


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  1. That purse is SO cool…..I can see a collection forming here! 🙂

    What a great idea to decoupage some poster boards as inserts for the doors. I love that!

    And, I am totally jealous of your serving cart……way FAB!!!!

    • Thanks Sara! I am now addicted to Collins purses. I am sure there will be more 🙂 Some go fairly cheap but some go for hundreds. I am always looking for a bargain though.
      Those poster boards were fun. And I think I will reverse them and put Christmas ads on the backs and then use those for the Holidays! I picked up some 50’s and 60’s Christmas magazines at an estate sale so I can use some ads from those. And since they are just held up with thumb tacks they are easy to change.
      I love my serving cart too. I like that I can wheel it around for other uses 🙂

  2. I love collages. I need to show off the desk I did with lots of mid-century pics.

    Love how you made yours mobile and so nifty!

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