Summer Thrifting


Well, July has come and gone. It was just a blur of crazy busy days.

Our French girl has gone home and I am back to weekly thrifting stops.

Here are a few recent finds:

This atomic looking ice bucket would have been right at home on the Jetsons. I have been looking at similar ones on Etsy but just could not afford them.  This  was $5.

new stuff 1258

This lamp needs a funky fiberglass shade and will go in the basement with our green sectional. It was $16.

new stuff 1259

I love this swirly black and white casserole for $5. It is perfect and still like new.

new stuff 1247

Here are some kitchen items I got at an estate sale for $1 each. I am a little bit Pyrex addicted.

new stuff 1212

I picked up a pair of these great soup / salad bowls for a few dollars. I love the starburst pattern!

patio 011

This $1 fiberglass bowl is signed Wm. A. Bostick. It looks great in my peach tiled bathroom:

new stuff 945

This bowl is super cool too. It was $2. I cannot find a pattern name for it. Since the lid is gone I use it for fresh fruit.

new stuff 847

This Glasbake loaf pan was $3. I have still not been able to identify this pattern either:

new stuff

This server has great hairpin legs. Another $1.

new stuff 1200

These vintage Lawnware lights were $1 for all 3! I did not even know what they were until I got home and researched them. People made them for their patio, campers and Tiki rooms. They look so cool lit up.

estate sale 098

Here is a purse I found for $1.50. It is made from vintage drapery fabric:

clothing 005

I also picked up an entire box of 1960’s dresses for $1 each. Here is one of my faves:

clothing 058

Well what do you think? Have I found some deals or just more junk?

Hope you are enjoying this end of summer!

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  1. lol I wore a dress just like that, only it zipped up the back and had a big bow at the neck….back in 1966 for my very first school dance….I was 13 and felt very grown up, especially since I was also allowed to wear pantyhose & white heels for the first time…only allowed pale pink lipstick, tho… the pyrex….I saw a set of white glass mixing bowls, Hazel Atlas, white with red polka dots…didn’t have the 45 bucks she wanted on me (drat, & Ima too cheap anyway )-it screamed “LUUUUCY!” lol…….wish my Mom had kept all her old pyrex… Hers was harvest gold and avocado….

    • I love that dress! What a wonderful memory of your first dance 🙂 Mine was my 8th grade graduation dance. My dress was white with red dotted swiss. My mom had the stacking Pyrex bowls. I think the only one that survived was the big pink one 😦

  2. WOW! What a fabulous haul! And what a steal on that Mirro ice bucket…I’ve never seen any Mirro pieces in person, only online and they’re sooo expensive…but worth every penny of their atomic goodness! My ex in-laws had those tiki lights with their camper…they used to make them and I thought they were the ugliest things back then….now, they’re awesome!

    • Thanks! I did not know that was a Mirro ice bucket! I cannot find any markings on it. You are right they do go really high. I did not even know what those lights were until I got them home and took them out of the bag they were in 🙂 I think they would look cool with a vintage camping trailer. Wish I had one; I would do it in aqua 🙂

      • What a find! Now you really don’t want to keep ALL of those!. Want to part with one and if so how much? Hint Hint. PS.One would go great in my vintage camper….

  3. Oh my gosh yes! Great finds!!! That ice bucket is FAB! and I love all of your kitchen finds!!!

    Your little fiberglass seahorse bowl is adorbs… husband actually got me a set of four awhile back – there is also a serving tray and some paper place mats that have those same images too.

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