Boomerang Chairs and More Cool Stuff


Remember this pair of chairs that we picked up last spring for $10 each? Yes, $10.

new stuff 1035

Well here they are sporting their new looks just in time for the Holidays. One for the living room and one for the basement. I picked up the upholstery fabric on Ebay for a song, had them rebuilt and recovered and repainted the iron legs. We spent less than $280 total for both chairs. Hows that for a bargain?


I was recently at a sale in a 1967 home. This was the basement kitchen floor. What I would not give for them to reintroduce that pattern now!

fiesta 001

This pair of Oriental chalkware plaques were an antique mall find at 75% off: $5 for both!

October 004

October 005

This coffee table in the basement may get me into trouble with other mid mod enthusiasts; It is a newer table in a retro style.

coffee tables 003

This atomic Fire King casserole with stand was just too cool to pass up for $17. I have never seen this pattern and it is in great condition.

peoria trip 003

As was this $12 aqua and black swirly enamel one:

peoria trip 008

These cute brown poodles were a gift from my youngest son and his girl. They are in the main bath.
fiesta fireking cheese boxes 001

This huge lamp weighs a ton and has ended up in the living room on the corner table. I want to paint the base but am not sure which direction to go. Ideas? We are leaning towards charcoal gray.


Here is an orange footstool found at a garage sale for $2:


After a date with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser she cleaned up pretty good!

I cannot wait to frame this for the Holidays:

peoria trip 010

Won’t be long and we will all be putting up Kitschmas decor.

I will check back in then!


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  1. It’s not fair for you to be breaking our hearts like this!! It would be ok if you were posting things that we could buy!!!
    Choose to paint the lamp base a color that looks great with the wallpaper or wall color. Maybe the darkest navy blue, or even Chinese red.

    • Sorry Brenda, the things in this post are not for sale πŸ™‚ But many times things I show do end up in my Etsy shop! We tend to rotate our stuff out as we find things we like more or change decor. I like the idea of Chinese red to match the chalk ware plaques on the wall. They do have a little bit of red in them. Thanks for your input πŸ™‚

  2. Your new/old chairs turned out really well. So hip and atomic! $2.00 for a footstool is a no brainer..what a score. I’d probably want to sew a slip cover but it fit’s right into your decor just perfect.

  3. WOW! The chairs turned out awesome! I can’t believe the $$$$ amount. You did good, lady!!
    I have to say I’m totally in love with that orange stool. I could use that in my life. LOVE ORANGE!
    Don’t you just love those erasers. I get up more gunk with those things.

    • Thanks Stacey! I am happy the chairs turned out so great. The elderly gentleman who does upholstery work for us retired from Kroehler Furniture Co (they had a factory in our town). So he really knows his stuff!
      I did not even know I liked orange until I turned mid / mod. I think it looks really good with aqua and lime green πŸ™‚
      What did we do before Magic Eraser!!! My house must have been dirtier πŸ™‚

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