The Winter That Never Ends


If you have been wondering where I have been (or maybe you have not even missed me!) I have been holed up here on Croydon Place, watching snowstorm after snowstorm blow past. In addition, several times the temps have been so cold our local officials have warned to just stay home!

While I have been staying hunkered down much of the time, here is what Dear Hubby was doing. Nonstop. Every day. And night. Without end.


Here are a few things I got as Christmas gifts this year from my sweet family: the chalk ware ballerinas were from Hubby, the aqua/ black Hazel Atlas ovide dishes are from our youngest and the atomic aqua/ gold travel themed glasses from our oldest. Do they know me or what?


Here are Santa and Rudolph, waving to my poor postman, who really lives up to the Postman’s Creed. I think he was delivering me more Pyrex?


On those cold snowy days when I had to venture out for groceries or shipping items, I have tried to hit at least one thrift store. Here are a few of my newest things; some of these are for my Etsy shop.


This dollhouse will be just the thing for my soon-to-be granddaughter. It is an L-shaped ranch 🙂 It even came with all the furniture.


I have been searching for the elusive “atomic/ shooting stars” Shiny Brite ornament; here it is in pink! It was in that big Woolworths box:


Isn’t this little Santa band great? I think I will keep them.

100_8944 (1)

Here is a tension pole lamp I picked up for $30 at a local antique mall. The fact that this shop does not turn the heat on does not deter me one bit. What is a little frostbite, anyway? How do you think it looks in the living room?


This pull down light was a $10 garage sale find from 2 summers ago. We just now got around to putting it up in the kitchen. I guess we think if we keep adding cool things to that room that we will never have to fix all that is WRONG with it 😦


For some reason being snowed in makes me think I need to cook, bake and spend way too much time in the kitchen. Here is some homemade macaroni & cheese I threw together last week in one of my vintage Pyrex casseroles:


So what have you all been up to this long winter? Any remodeling projects? Any thrifty finds? Let me know!

Stay warm folks!


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  1. Hello!
    I really enjoyed this latest post. We here in Ontario Canada are experiencing the same kind of winter. We had a devastating ice storm just before Christmas. I had such hope for Groundhog day, but it was not to be…..more winter.
    I have been doing the same as you have…groceries and a thrift store when weather permits! You have found wonderful treasures, but it was the doll house that thrilled me. I had that Marx ranch house with furniture as a child. A coveted Christmas present from my Aunt and Uncle. It made the rounds thru the family,including my daughter (who is now 17) til it was given away a couple of years ago. I just loved it and played with it for hours and hours and hours. What a fabulous find for your future granddaughter (congratulations by the way!!). I remember the plastic roof piece had a cap on it with a weather vein.
    Sorry to ramble on. I was just so excited to see the ranch house again. Once I get settled into a new home next year, I will make that my treasure hunting goal!!

    • Hi Sharon! How cool that you had that doll house as a child! Thank you for sharing you story. My childhood dollhouse was a 2-story Colonial style.
      I love this ranch one because it resembles the house we live in now.
      My granddaughter is actually due today. I am hoping she will hold off a few days; it is snowing so hard I cannot see across the street!
      I look forward to hearing about your new home 🙂

      • Hi Sherree, just re-reading this post and wondering if your granddaughter has arrived?

  2. Like you, I have spent much time in the kitchen this dreary season. Too cold to play outside. Might as well eat. Right?

    I adore your lamps. I am huge fan of mid-century lighting. Couldn’t help but take notice to some of your decor. You have great taste.

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