There Is A Cure for the Summertime Blues


Hubby and I have managed to get away twice this summer and hit the road for some treasures. And let me tell you, these trips did not disappoint!

A few weeks after buying our awesome atomic sectional, we stumbled upon this coffee table. A perfect tile-top beauty that matches the sofa in shape and color. It has gold metal legs and edging. I think it looks good with the gold framed shadow box on the wall.


We have also been looking for an appropriate front door to replace the 1990’s upgrade that was here. This beauty was in the same mid-century shop as the coffee table. It is new old stock and never been hung! And only cost $75!

Now….do we paint it or stain it? Hubby and I are discussing this.


You know how crazy we are for old record albums. These were all 50 cents each at the ReStore. They were put out by Firestone and I am now looking for one to complete the set.


Who remembers watching Rudolph and singing along to Silver and Gold?



We change-up our framed albums throughout the year and I thought these would look great for summer:


Note the Pan Am jet on this one!


I managed to pick up some Pyrex and an Elvis for my hoard:


A few things for my Etsy shop:


Of course there are always the things you have to leave behind no matter how much of a bargain they are 😦

This set of dishes were an awesome mix of Atomic & Rustic. The whole set was less than $30. I love the groovy shaped snack plates and big platter/ bowl.


Lamps anyone? These were all under $30 each. I just don’t need any.


Chalk ware ballerinas still in the package. Swoon….


Love this clock; but nowhere to hang it. Same thing with the pink/ gray speckled planter.


This pink sink with Huddee ring and the matching toilet were in the ReStore. I hope someone snatches them up to save their pink bathroom!



How about your summertime thrifting?

Do you find things that are a great deal but you just don’t need them?

Do you buy them and put them away for a rainy day or leave them behind? I am always torn.

Stay tuned for updates on the exterior here; the cement trucks will be here next week!


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  1. I love your treasures, especially the Elvis and Rudolph LPs! I have visited two ReStores this summer. In each, they had old cabinet stereos from the 60s that are as big as sideboards. I always loved those growing up, even though no one in my family had one. (We had the bookshelf stereo with a fancy 8 track tape player!) I wanted those stereos so badly, but I convinced myself that they take up too much room and left them behind. 😦 With the exception of Disney items, I try to leave things behind if I don’t have a specific use or place for them. I look forward to your next update!

  2. Oh wow – what amazing finds! That coffee table looks smashing with your new sectional….and that NOS door…whoa! I’d say to do whatever you think might hold up best in your climate to your new door…if paint would protect it more you might want to go with that…..if you think stain would protect it better you might want to go with that. I know you live in a snowy area – paint might protect the door a bit better??? Maybe? We are kinda having the same dilemma with the front door on our new ranch – it faces west and is a solid wood door…..only problem is it is SO weathered and is the wood is split in spots. We kind of want to try and keep it but are unsure if we should try to stain or just paint. Ugh, decisions decisions! Oh and I totally get leaving the lamps behind….we are up to our earballs here in lamps…though if we found an epic one I’m not saying we wouldn’t consider it! 🙂

    • Oh thanks Sara! I love my new living room sofa and coffee table. I just can’t believe we found them both within 2 weeks of each other 🙂 And we have been hunting for a door for 3 years. We just could not afford a new mid-century style door. Actually our entry is set back in a covered alcove and is pretty much protected from the elements. Still, I like the idea of painting it with a pop of color and Hubby is from the “don’t paint unpainted wood” school 😦 I think of you often, moving into your dream home. I am so anxious to see it all done (not that any of us are ever done with these MC homes) and all decorated. You will have fun at Christmas!

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