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Vintage Lamp Score and More!


Sorry it has been so long from over here on Croydon Place. January is kind of  a slow month in our house.  Here in the Midwest it is cold and snowy most of the winter. My thrifting escapades are down to a  minimum.

I did manage to find this gem, buried (and I do mean buried) in a junk shop I frequent. I purchased the shade separate from the lamp but I think they look great together:

new stuff 088

This was unearthed at the same shop, in the warehouse next door. I am not sure if it is old or not. From my research on the internet, this (or at least a similar version) has been made by General Foam Plastics Co. for at least 50 years. I love the gold star burst on the front of Santa’s sleigh! Do any of you know how to date this item?

new stuff 076

I also got this Santa cutie at a thrift store that is on my regular rounds. One of the employees there knows what I am looking for and sometimes is able to set aside items for me before they hit the floor. How wonderful is that?

new stuff 001

He is big and made of styrofoam. His hat has a little wear on the edge, but I think I can fix him up! He might look good in the center of a big wreath outside.

Also from there, this vintage serving bowl has a pine cone motif. I thought it would be great for snacks in the basement during the cold months:

new stuff 105

Since all of the Christmas stuff is down and my house is somewhat back to normal, I thought I would show you a few shots. I move stuff around a lot, so you may see some things you recognize in new places.

I filled my basement shadow boxes with winter themed items, primarily skiing:

new stuff 106

These lead Barclay figures were a garage sale find. I found the same ones in a 1966 Sears Christmas catalog:

new stuff 107

I found this cool tray and the reversible bark cloth pillow hidden in a box in our storage room down the basement. I forgot I had them.  For over 2 years. Yes,  I must have too much stuff:

new stuff 104

new stuff 100

The other side:

new stuff 101

Here is the new Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Collection “harvest gold” paint job down our formerly dark hallway.  Much brighter now 🙂

new stuff 089

See how the fireplace wraps around the wall into the entry:

new stuff 095

Our next project was to paint the master bedroom. That was before we had something come up needing more urgent attention.

You know, like the roof. It is leaking. Into my craft closet. Ruining the plaster.

I have had 2 contractors, the insurance company and an engineer here.

They are all still discussing it 😦

Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas (and my latest Kitschmas find)


Just a quick  note  from here on Croydon Place to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Starting today things get pretty hectic for us, as I am sure is the same for all of you.  Parties, church, concerts, gifts, food and maybe too much “Making Merry” 🙂

Here is a little gem I picked up last week at a resale shop near me. The original cord and light are missing and I will be replacing those (as soon as every single store in my town re-stocks them).

christmas 2012 124

It is a mid-century Poloron Vacucel fireplace.  It is fairly large; 31 inches wide. From what I have been able to find online, it was possibly a store display piece. It is a little rough. Does anyone know how I may be able to touch up the scratches on this?

Poloron also made Christmas tree stands, blow mold holiday decor and picnic thermoses  and coolers. You may remember the aqua metal Poloron tree stand I featured in an earlier Christmas post.

This fireplace  will have a place of honor in our basement family room, not far from the aluminum tree.

Happy Holidays to all!

Some of My Favorite Kitschmas


I have overcome some of my vintage hoarding tendencies but have not yet conquered my vintage Christmas wrapping paper addiction. And I don’t just crave the paper. I want tags, ribbon, cards and all the trimmings. One good thing though, I do actually use it!

Here are a few pics of some of my hoard:

christmas 2012 114

Here are some tags:

christmas 2012 118

More paper:

christmas 2012 120

This is one I use just for display in my office:

christmas 2012 078

Here are some Kitschmas items that I have recently acquired, and a few that have been with us awhile.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa skiing and skating. I just picked these up for $1 at a local resale shop a few weeks back.

christmas 2012 094

I love this  Santa tray from Etsy.  It is hanging in my knotty pine laundry room.

christmas 2012 084

These handmade stockings were a recent estate sale find. Perfect for Hubby and I, since we are empty nesters.

christmas 2012 107

This great Tom and Jerry set is a rare pattern. It came with us from the farmhouse.

christmas 2012 104

Another estate sale find:  NOS Christmas towels, still in the package. I love the aqua in them!

christmas 2012 086

The great thing about having a holiday birthday is that my gifts are often Christmas themed 🙂  This is from my dear Hubby. I love the pine cone motif and can use it for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

christmas 2012 085

This ceramic Santa Claus Post Office Bank has been with us for 23 Christmases.

christmas 2012 119

One of my all time favorite ornaments. Another gift from Hubby. It looks just like the stove in my kitchen!

christmas 2012 102

I fill all the built ins near the fireplace.

christmas 2012 108

Some vintage gift boxes under the aluminum tree:
christmas 2012 088

I have most  of my Bradford and Jewel Brite  ornaments on that tree
christmas 2012 091

With all the festivities, you may not hear from me again until after the Holidays!

I hope you are all having a great Christmas season!