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Springtime, Thrifting and a New Goodwill Store


You have probably heard me mention before (more times than you can count) that thrifting is not very good in my area. We had to travel a few hours to find a good-sized thrift store, Re-Store or Goodwill. This all changed several weeks ago when a Goodwill popped up in my town!

I have made many stops there on my errand days and found plenty of things I probably did not need. But this I did need:


After remodeling our mid-century kitchen I purchased an aqua blue stand mixer. In doing so, I had to get rid of my old one, which included a blender and salad attachment. That left me without a blender. This one will work just fine! Shiny chrome with aqua accents.

I also can’t pass up vintage bedding and atomic drink glasses.


or Tiki items

101_5580And groovy chip bowls


I recently won this lamp on a local online auction page. For $30! It looks great in our living room.


I got these atomic fish glasses from the same auction.


I am blessed to have a friend who also “vintage” shops for me. She found me all of this at a church rummage sale:

101_5773I am keeping the “Flintstone” glasses (I have the matching pitcher) and the atomic pilsner glasses. The rest are for sale in my Etsy shop.

You all know I am addicted to cook books. This lot was from a big indoor garage sale I attended earlier this spring. I kept a few to round out my collection and the rest are up for sale.


I also acquired more vintage and retro bedding. Cause I can never have enough. The duvet cover and shams are IKEA. I think they look great mixed in with my older pieces.


After an epic FAIL baking a bunny shaped cake with a mold this Easter, I got smart and decided I would go back to making the bunny with 2 round cake pans like my mother taught me. Blue Heaven is one of my favorite patterns. I got these on Etsy.


Here is a little springtime display. The pastel baskets belonged to my mother. I remember her using them for showers and Bunco games. They always held pastel mints and mixed nuts.


This cool pie plate was an online purchase. It just happens to fit the old hairpin leg stand I had lying around. I love it displayed with the old winter themed tray in my kitchen.

101_5386This Lane Basket Weave sideboard was a bargain I could not pass up. It now sits in my Tiki inspired bedroom waiting for me to fill it up. I have early 60’s Lane Acclaim bedroom furniture and I think it looks great with those pieces.


Check back soon to see the new mid mod front door we have installed.

As soon as it is painted I will be posting photos. Still deciding on color: aqua or mint green?

Yes, Even in Hades I am Still Thrifting


The heat here in the Midwest has been unrelenting this year. It has definitely kept us home more. Kinda puts a cramp in my thrifting excursions.

But last Sunday Hubby and I stopped by the new indoor flea market after church.

Remember I told you that I wanted ALL of the Betty Crocker 60’s spiral cookbooks? Well, looky what I found for $2! I only need a few more to finish my collection.

I also had to have these; they are not Betty Crocker but SOOOO Mid-Century! Of course we have to know how to make famous foods from famous places! Most of the restaurants featured in here are no longer around 😦

I also found these tablecloths to sell in my Etsy store:

These adorable valances were found on a vintage linens Facebook page. With shipping they were only $7.50. They look adorable in my knotty pine laundry room:-)

This was a $4 paint-by-number which I planned to sell but it does look pretty swell in my bedroom 🙂

This Tiki tidbit (or appetizer) tray was only $5 at the indoor flea market. I think it looks great in the middle of the table downstairs. It would be great with fresh fruit. The holes in the pineapple are for tidbits on toothpicks 🙂

The seller told me that she did, in fact, purchase this in Hawaii.

Well what do you think folks? Should I keep the paint-by-number? Did I get a good deal on the Tiki tidbit tray?

With cooler weather coming soon (I hope) I will tend to spend more time in the kitchen. I am a baking fool once the holidays are upon us.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing some of my tried-and-true mid-century recipes that have been in my family for so long? Or  maybe some that I have made from my collection of cookbooks from that era?

The Vanity Light, Mod Cookbooks and more stuff


Just a quick update here on Croydon Place. I am planning a bigger blog with lots of photos in a few days so stay tuned.  Of course we are never too busy to thrift or work on the house.

We finally got around to replacing that 1990’s bathroom light in the main bath. The replacement is a vintage “vanity” light purchased on Ebay. After removing the fixture that was in place Hubby discovered that it was hung with no electrical box. Why would we be surprised? After a trip to the local Ace he got the job done.

I think it looks pretty good; what you cannot see very well it that the white glass cover has a dark grey “crosshatch” design:

Some other items have found their way into the house, too.

How about these colorful “atomic” looking cocktail muddlers:

I think these long forks were part of a fondue set, but I will use them for fruit, meat or cheese trays when entertaining:

This 25 cent ice bucket matches my punch bowl and glasses :

For Mothers Day my oldest son got me a gift certificate to Ebay. (Does he know me or what?).  The clean dinner dishes were barely put away on Mothers Day before I was online trying to decide what to buy!

You know of my recent “re” addiction to cookbooks. Well I could not resist this lot of  mod mid-century ones:

And I saved THE BEST for last! Isn’t it dreamy? Oh the colors on this cover…..

This son does not think these are cool. He is the jet-setting one who lived and worked in France and travels the world. He thinks mid-century decor is…well….ugly.

He says it does not matter how much of it Dad and I buy, it does not change his mind one bit.

Fortunately his opinion does not stop me from trying to change it 🙂