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Quick ? Simple ? Not in Our Mid Century Remodel


Oh how I wish our kitchen reno was going as fast as they do on HGTV or DIY. You know, 24 hours and you’re done. The paint is even dry.

Instead our reno is crawling at a snails pace. My DH works a crazy shift schedule of 12 days straight while trying to help our contractor to save us money. Added to the mix were a tornado, torrential rains and flooding in my area which left most homeowners with flooded basements and crawlspaces, leaking roofs or other storm damage. In addition to their own home issues, our contractor and our plumber were called off of their “non-emergency” jobs to help those in need. We were very fortunate that our basement remains high and dry.

Even with the set backs we have still managed to get some things done.

Here is the new bathroom door, moved around the corner into the old mudroom. But that was not without a hitch. Seems there is a nice big cast iron pipe running up that wall. Within an inch of the doorway. A few re-adjustments later, we have a door.


The support post is down and the new header is installed above the old mud room entrance:


Another header was also installed into the opening for the bar in the living room. We can now see the fireplace!


The drywall men are scheduled to be here soon so we have a few things to finish up before they arrive.

I am still mulling over paint samples for the kitchen. I am undecided on which way to go: orange, aqua or gray. I would like to tie in the colors of the counter top and flooring. Here is the Wilsonart laminate we are using for counters AND backsplash. The pattern is called “Betty”.


The VCT floor tile is Armstrong Standard Excelon Imperial. We have picked 3 colors: gray, aqua and charcoal. Here is the aqua which is called Colorado Stone:


The gray called Field Gray:


and the Charcoal:


My usually orderly home is upside down with the mess. We have cabinet boxes in the living room and basement family room, ceiling tiles and light fixtures in the guest room and new appliances in the garage. And most of my kitchen is packed up in boxes strewn all over the house. We are still eating on throw away dishes.

Really my only escape is going to bed. And then I have to straddle our living room area rug, which is rolled up next to the bed.

Stay tuned!


The Winter That Never Ends


If you have been wondering where I have been (or maybe you have not even missed me!) I have been holed up here on Croydon Place, watching snowstorm after snowstorm blow past. In addition, several times the temps have been so cold our local officials have warned to just stay home!

While I have been staying hunkered down much of the time, here is what Dear Hubby was doing. Nonstop. Every day. And night. Without end.


Here are a few things I got as Christmas gifts this year from my sweet family: the chalk ware ballerinas were from Hubby, the aqua/ black Hazel Atlas ovide dishes are from our youngest and the atomic aqua/ gold travel themed glasses from our oldest. Do they know me or what?


Here are Santa and Rudolph, waving to my poor postman, who really lives up to the Postman’s Creed. I think he was delivering me more Pyrex?


On those cold snowy days when I had to venture out for groceries or shipping items, I have tried to hit at least one thrift store. Here are a few of my newest things; some of these are for my Etsy shop.


This dollhouse will be just the thing for my soon-to-be granddaughter. It is an L-shaped ranch šŸ™‚ It even came with all the furniture.


I have been searching for the elusive “atomic/ shooting stars” Shiny Brite ornament; here it is in pink! It was in that big Woolworths box:


Isn’t this little Santa band great? I think I will keep them.

100_8944 (1)

Here is a tension pole lamp I picked up for $30 at a local antique mall. The fact that this shop does not turn the heat on does not deter me one bit. What is a little frostbite, anyway? How do you think it looks in the living room?


This pull down light was a $10 garage sale find from 2 summers ago. We just now got around to putting it up in the kitchen. I guess we think if we keep adding cool things to that room that we will never have to fix all that is WRONG with it šŸ˜¦


For some reason being snowed in makes me think I need to cook, bake and spend way too much time in the kitchen. Here is some homemade macaroni & cheese I threw together last week in one of my vintage Pyrex casseroles:


So what have you all been up to this long winter? Any remodeling projects? Any thrifty finds? Let me know!

Stay warm folks!

August Updates and a Sad Ending


For 2 1/2 years we have been searching high and low, up hill and down dale for a mid-century twin bed for our guest room. It seems every one we found was very Colonial or child like. All this time that aqua room has had an antique iron bed, schlepped from the farmhouse, which was totally WRONG.

Until this:

aqua bed 001

Dear Hubby unearthed this aqua vinyl upholstered bed hidden behind a Ā modern one at a local consignment shop. Ā It was one of a pair. We got the entire bed for $25! The sparkly vinyl reminds me of dinette chairs.

aqua bed 002

Doesn’t that look so much better???

I have also gotten a little carried away with the Pyrex addiction. I did not even know I needed so much Pyrex until a few months ago. How does that happen?

Like every addiction, it starts out slowly and seemingly innocent. Then the next thing you know you are using your grocery money for your next fix.

The only Pyrex I remember growing up were mixing bowls of Moms. I know the big one was pink. When I met my husband, he had a small aqua ButterprintĀ  casserole, which had been his mother’s and was passed to him at some point. It has followed us all these years. I also know that Thanksgiving stuffing at their home is served in a large yellow Pyrex bowl.

When we purchased this Mid Century house, I started to become interested in dishes and bake ware from the same era, not the older Depression era ones I had been using in the farmhouse. Ā A few garage sales later and I had a Desert Dawn pink square baker, an aqua pie plate and a Horizon blue oval baker. Hubby then gifted me with a 1961 holiday promotional piece called Golden Pine complete with stand.

christmas 2012 085

I then discovered a few websites that identify the colors and patterns of Pyrex through the years. That is what pushed me over the edge. Here are a few pieces I have found:

pyrex 002

pyrex 003

pyrex 004

As you can see it does not stop with Pyrex. I also love Glasbake and Fire King pieces!

pyrex 006

pyrex 001

I am now an official Pyrex hoarder and dealer. Yep, I am now selling it, along with anything else that catches my eye.

This is just one crazy surface in my office:

pyrex 007

I guess it could be worse; at least it is not hazardous to my health. I do actually use it. Here is an apple cranberry cobbler, fresh from the oven. As you can see I was a little overzealous with the fruit:


And on a more sad note, last week we had to say goodbye to our faithful friend and companion Woody. He was our 14-year-old retriever, whom we had since he was a pup. Here he is hosting a sleepover for his friend Nash last summer:

woody nash

I hope you are all enjoying the shorter (and a little cooler) days of late summer.