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The Cooking Club Road Trip


This past Saturday my cooking club gals and I headed off bright and early for a road trip. We left Croydon Place at 7am sharp, coffee in hand. We were going to spend the day in another town that was having a Farmers Market/Artisan/Antique Faire.

We arrived shortly after 8am, and the place was already buzzing. We parked a few blocks away in the historic downtown area. The first booth I stopped at was this one loaded with hanging baskets and containers:

Since I tend to gravitate to vintage, I hurriedly got me a cherry turnover from one of the bakery booths (to last me until lunch) and I was off.

This Enid Collins knockoff purse was adorable. But at $35, it was a little steep for me right now:

This booth has lots of re purposed furniture, painted white and very cool. I love how this one has a large map under the glass:

One of my cooking club buddies spotted this little vintage dress. It was a great chartreuse color, simple and belted. The gal let her slip it on and it fit perfect! She went home with a new dress 🙂

This booth had lots of great vintage fabric; you know how I am attracted to the atomic/funky ones 🙂

It was fun to see how all the booths had their items staged. Here are a few:

I thought of American Pickers when I saw this “#2” . You know how Mike and Frank like to buy numbers and letters for art:

Of course I had to purchase some things before we headed back downtown for  lunch. This is what I ended up with:

A little French Cooking cookbook, dated 1954. You know how I love anything 50’s or 60’s France.  I will try to make some of the great food we had while visiting the jet-setting son last year. Tarte Tatin maybe?

This kitchen tablecloth matches the colors on my DIY upholstery on the blond chairs.

This 60’s (?) Waverly fabric is called “Spring Song”. I love all the mid-century colors. See the dragonfly in the middle? Not sure if I will keep this for re use or sell.

These large 1949 Coca Cola cardboard lithographs were from a diner, restaurant or other food venue. They all have little hangers at the top. I love the graphics and plan to sell these.

After the morning got hotter and we got hungrier we marched back to the van to drop off our purchases and headed to a little tea room/vintage shop for lunch.

The decor inside was just fabulous; all of the tables had vintage table clothes, dishes and decor. Even the menus were handmade. And the walls were aqua!

This back wall has a clothesline strung with vintage aprons. Note the barn lights painted in pastels.

The food was wonderful. Most of us had sandwiches, potato salad, fresh fruit  and strawberry soup. I loved how the potato salad was served in little jelly jars and our beverages were in the taller ones.

We spent some time in more antique and gift shops downtown and then headed back to Croydon Place for dessert. I had made Key Lime Cheesecake Tarts and Raspberry Lemonade Tea. They both tasted great on such a hot day!

How about any of you? Any great destinations you have visited recently? Are there any others who like to cook and get fresh ingredients at outdoor markets?