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Enid Collins Purse Love


One of my recent loves are Enid Collins handbags of the 60’s and 70’s. I discovered them accidentally a few years back while looking online at other mid-century stuff.

I have always loved old purses but hers are just so cool! I have managed to get a few for my collection. They do not sit on a shelf for display; I use them all. I get complimented frequently about them, even from those who aren’t into vintage. They can be a bit pricey; I have also found some knock-offs that fit the bill for 1/2 the price.

This was my first purchase, found online. It is called “Cable Car” and has a wood bottom.


Then this “Flower Cart”


“Flower Basket”


Another with a wood bottom, this one is titled “Gift Wrapped” and is super rare. I have never seen another anywhere. I purchased this at an antique mall. It was new old stock and in perfect condition.


This wanna be handbag was just too cool to pass up ! The Paris theme “Charetutte de Fleurs” is just amazing. Translated it means “Cart (or chariot) of Flowers”. The maker of this gem is a mystery. The little Moulin Rouge wallet was a gift from my son, who has lived in France.


This is my most recent online purchase. For some reason the “sea” themed ones are super popular and tend to go pretty high. This is the wood bottomed “Sea Garden”

While on an out-of-town day trip with my hubby and another retro loving couple, we stumbled upon a couple of great mid-century shops that had many Enids in their inventory.

From the first shop, I purchased this knockoff kit purse. It was unfinished and  I put it together:


The second shop had more Enid Collins that I have ever seen in one place! It was like an Enid overdose.


I recently saw these knock offs at a flea market. Super pretty but I just did not need them 🙂 I love the flamenco dancer.


Well, there you have it. A little Enid love for your week.

Does anyone find them locally? They are pretty rare in my neck of the woods.




Thrifting the Summer Away Part II


I am still trying to catch up here on the blog, after my months long hiatus. As promised, here are some more vintage goodies I have found this summer.

With our garage/ yard sale season being so short, it is sometimes hard to find real bargains.

These great atomic patterned Fire King Mosaic plates and bowls were from a garage sale. The Franciscan starburst divided bowl was snagged at a local indoor flea market. I can never afford the online prices for this popular pattern. I have only been able to find the meat platter and this bowl locally.


This 50’s ballerina fabric was from the same indoor flea market as the bowl above. It sold in only a few hours after listing it in my Etsy shop. The colors are just fabulous.


I don’t remember where I picked up this huge plastic cabbage leaf snack server but know I didn’t pay much 🙂


This “Happy Hour” Anchor Hocking turquoise/ gold chip and dip was purchased online from a vintage Facebook page.


I bought this vintage kit purse at a mid-century shop and put it together myself. I collect Enid Collins purses but this knockoff was too cute to pass up!


This little orange lamp looks good on the bar. I picked it up from a consignment shop where I sell a few things as I rotate stuff in and out of the house.


Now that I have orange in my kitchen, that color Pyrex is on my radar. It is great for the fall months. This rarer #933 was only $7 at a church thrift shop. I will use it for sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving. The Fire King set in the background is my favorite snack set pattern.


Here is most of my fall Pyrex stash culled from garage sales, thrift stores and gifts from my sweet friends and family.


It is never too early to pick up vintage Christmas kitsch. The Rudolph album and cool speckled holly leaf candy dishes were from the Salvation Army.


Also from the Salvation Army, I eyed these glass ornaments just as they were being brought in, before they were even priced. All are Shiny Brites except the box in the back. I like to use these for my aluminum trees and crafting items for my Etsy shop.


This pair of salad/ soup bowls were only 80 cents at a local thrift. I love this size for big salads, which are served here often in the summer.


Well, until I buy more things I probably don’t need this will have to do!

Our new mid-century style front door is in the garage waiting to be installed. Check back soon to see it!

August Updates and a Sad Ending


For 2 1/2 years we have been searching high and low, up hill and down dale for a mid-century twin bed for our guest room. It seems every one we found was very Colonial or child like. All this time that aqua room has had an antique iron bed, schlepped from the farmhouse, which was totally WRONG.

Until this:

aqua bed 001

Dear Hubby unearthed this aqua vinyl upholstered bed hidden behind a  modern one at a local consignment shop.  It was one of a pair. We got the entire bed for $25! The sparkly vinyl reminds me of dinette chairs.

aqua bed 002

Doesn’t that look so much better???

I have also gotten a little carried away with the Pyrex addiction. I did not even know I needed so much Pyrex until a few months ago. How does that happen?

Like every addiction, it starts out slowly and seemingly innocent. Then the next thing you know you are using your grocery money for your next fix.

The only Pyrex I remember growing up were mixing bowls of Moms. I know the big one was pink. When I met my husband, he had a small aqua Butterprint  casserole, which had been his mother’s and was passed to him at some point. It has followed us all these years. I also know that Thanksgiving stuffing at their home is served in a large yellow Pyrex bowl.

When we purchased this Mid Century house, I started to become interested in dishes and bake ware from the same era, not the older Depression era ones I had been using in the farmhouse.  A few garage sales later and I had a Desert Dawn pink square baker, an aqua pie plate and a Horizon blue oval baker. Hubby then gifted me with a 1961 holiday promotional piece called Golden Pine complete with stand.

christmas 2012 085

I then discovered a few websites that identify the colors and patterns of Pyrex through the years. That is what pushed me over the edge. Here are a few pieces I have found:

pyrex 002

pyrex 003

pyrex 004

As you can see it does not stop with Pyrex. I also love Glasbake and Fire King pieces!

pyrex 006

pyrex 001

I am now an official Pyrex hoarder and dealer. Yep, I am now selling it, along with anything else that catches my eye.

This is just one crazy surface in my office:

pyrex 007

I guess it could be worse; at least it is not hazardous to my health. I do actually use it. Here is an apple cranberry cobbler, fresh from the oven. As you can see I was a little overzealous with the fruit:


And on a more sad note, last week we had to say goodbye to our faithful friend and companion Woody. He was our 14-year-old retriever, whom we had since he was a pup. Here he is hosting a sleepover for his friend Nash last summer:

woody nash

I hope you are all enjoying the shorter (and a little cooler) days of late summer.