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Basement On Hold; More Thrifty Finds!


Well you know from my last post that we had decided that the basement was the next project.

Life of course sometimes has other plans. Hubby picked up some temporary work (with overtime) so he has had no time to spend down there. AND his truck is in the shop getting major engine work done (to the tune of $2000+) so we are in a holding pattern.  No time and no extra money.

That bump in the road has not stopped me from thrifting though. Here are some finds from the last few weeks.

This pair of metal lawn chairs were $10 at an estate sale. I can see aqua/greenish paint under that red.  Another project?

This plaid stadium blanket is wool and in perfect shape. I snagged it for $2 at a garage sale. It will go in the shop. I can see this with a tartan plaid thermos and picnic basket.

This mid-century plant stand was $3 at a garage sale.  Should I keep it and paint it black or sell it in the shop as is?

This Fiesta colored runner was $3 at a moving sale. It matches anything you put on it and I think it looks pretty good on our blond dining table in the kitchen nook.

This tablecloth was $4 at a consignment shop. I think it would look good for a picnic.

This handy little gold tray/server thingy was $1 at a garage sale. It sits on my buffet in the kitchen. I like the legs.

You know how I am about shelves. These big ones were $10 at a consignment shop. I think I will paint them and use them in the basement. Hubby has lots to display. The little black wire one was $1.

This little tray was $1 at the thrift store. It matches the Copeley pottery sitting on top.  Basement maybe?

This Christmas candy dish trio was $1 at a garage sale. They will go in the shop for the holidays.

This vintage stitchery pillow cover was $1 at the thrift store. The greens matches the basement sectional. Keep or sell?

This pair of groovy drapes look just like a dress on one of the wives in a Mad Men episode I watched last week! They were $3 at the thrift store and are now  for sale in my Etsy shop.

This 50’s honey pot/kitty cookie jar was a church rummage sale find for $5. It is in perfect condition; I will list it on eBay :

This little feed sack table cover will go on eBay too. I love the “salad” scene. It makes me think of Stacy making the Caesar Salad in the movie The Long Long Trailer”  🙂

This week I am having a bit of thrifters withdrawal since I have no vehicle while Hubbys truck is in the shop.

But it does give me more time do this!