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Shut the (Mid-Century) Front Door


Here it is! After 6 years of this project getting pushed aside for more pressing matters (roof, landscaping, gutters, water heater, kitchen and bathroom remodels, backyard shed, etc.) we finally have a period appropriate front door on our ranch.


It is a Builders Choice fiberglass door that we special ordered through Home Depot. They have a few other retro styles and can be ordered either primed white or finished in several colors. We chose a primed one and painted it this great minty green. The color is called Haven from Sherwin Williams.


The Schlage brass escutcheon was NOS that I purchased on eBay.


Since we were focusing on the outside this spring, I thought we needed some new planters to amp up the curb appeal. These match our new garage door colors: Holiday Turquoise and Haven by Sherwin Williams.

101_6212We also painted the undersides of the large overhangs on the house using the Holiday Turquoise. It is from the Suburban Modern collection.



I have also been changing things up on the inside. This bark cloth tablecloth was scooped off of Etsy with a Mothers Day gift card. It coordinates nicely with my drapes.


I think Judy Jetson would be proud.


The new Goodwill store in my town has been a treasure trove lately. I am keeping the Vegas tray. Everything else will go in my Etsy shop.


I found this plant (?) stand at Goodwill also. With a Home Depot bowl planter I think it looks good with my turquoise hoop chairs.



This chaise was picked up last summer and sports a new coat of paint and colorful cushion. I also spray painted those little plant stands in new colors.

101_6197 I picked up a new umbrella for the patio table. We are still searching for a different patio dining table.


Check back soon to see the newly painted cupola and weather vane on top of the garage!

Black Metal Stuff; It is everywhere!


I apologize up front if this post is LONG and full of pictures.  I want everyone to see all that has been accumulated in just a few short years. My point is this stuff is everywhere!

After becoming a Mid-Century convert I noticed that many items manufactured during that era are made of black metal. From the  living room to the basement, inside and out there was some kind of useful item made of black metal.

Was it cheap?  Was it easy to produce?  Was it lightweight and easy to ship?  Did it go with everyones decor? I think the answer to all of these questions is YES!

The items that I have picked up are all as useful now as they were then. Because the purpose of my blog is to encourage those who want mid-century coolness but have a limited budget, I will state the  prices I paid for these treasures. Some are pretty plain and generic looking  but others are REALLY fab!

You can just scroll down to view my inexpensive black metal bargains.

This ashtray/beverage holder/magazine rack/newspaper holder was $10 at an estate sale. It holds my Atomic Ranch books and magazines. The ceramic ashtray has a green swirly design:

This stand was made to hold a portable record player and crooner albums which were necessary in every basement rumpus room. Its sides were made to look like a lyre. This was $22 at a Mid Century booth at an antique fair.

This little vanity bench was a $1 find at an estate sale. The owners daughter told me this was hers when she was in high school in the early 60’s. It is now in our bedroom.

This little shelf  was $1 at a resale shop and hangs above my dryer in the knotty pine mudroom   How cute is that little deer?

I bought 2 of these for $1 each. One is still looking for a home.

This unusual round one was $8 at my shop and hangs in the kitchen. I am still trying to fill it.

This shelf/stand was $1 at an estate sale. I used it in my mudroom for awhile and now have it in my office.  Sorry for the mess; I am getting ready to list some things online to sell.

This end table/lamp/newspaper holder was a birthday gift to Hubby a few years back from a moving sale.  I paid less than $30.

This letter holder was purchased at a resale shop for $1. It was used to hold napkins on the cake table at my youngest sons wedding reception. You guessed it,  I was in charge of the decorating and the theme was “Vintage Hollywood”. Talk about fun 🙂  It is now used in this little phone nook by the front door to hold the mail (incoming and outgoing).

This book stand was bought at a garage sale for $1. It now is useful in the bedroom:

This plant stand is THE coolest piece I have found yet! It still has all the original pottery pieces. I love the hairpin legs! It was $25 at a local indoor flea market.

This magazine rack was also $1 at an estate sale. It held Christmas gifts on the hearth during the holidays.

This piece is a plant stand that is now used in our tropical themed 3/4 bath. I think I paid $12 for it at my shop.

And here is our latest find, this cool wrought iron dining table snagged yesterday at a moving sale for $10!!!! I know it technically does not fit into the catagory of “lightweight” like the rest of these items, but it is black and is sort of metal!

Look at that cool star design on the top. We will either have a new glass top made or maybe make a tile one? We have been searching for a vintage patio table and chairs and this will get us going in the right direction. Now I need chairs 🙂

Well there you have it folks. What do  you think? Is there that much black metal stuff available in your area? How about prices?