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Enid Collins Purse Love


One of my recent loves are Enid Collins handbags of the 60’s and 70’s. I discovered them accidentally a few years back while looking online at other mid-century stuff.

I have always loved old purses but hers are just so cool! I have managed to get a few for my collection. They do not sit on a shelf for display; I use them all. I get complimented frequently about them, even from those who aren’t into vintage. They can be a bit pricey; I have also found some knock-offs that fit the bill for 1/2 the price.

This was my first purchase, found online. It is called “Cable Car” and has a wood bottom.


Then this “Flower Cart”


“Flower Basket”


Another with a wood bottom, this one is titled “Gift Wrapped” and is super rare. I have never seen another anywhere. I purchased this at an antique mall. It was new old stock and in perfect condition.


This wanna be handbag was just too cool to pass up ! The Paris theme “Charetutte de Fleurs” is just amazing. Translated it means “Cart (or chariot) of Flowers”. The maker of this gem is a mystery. The little Moulin Rouge wallet was a gift from my son, who has lived in France.


This is my most recent online purchase. For some reason the “sea” themed ones are super popular and tend to go pretty high. This is the wood bottomed “Sea Garden”

While on an out-of-town day trip with my hubby and another retro loving couple, we stumbled upon a couple of great mid-century shops that had many Enids in their inventory.

From the first shop, I purchased this knockoff kit purse. It was unfinished and  I put it together:


The second shop had more Enid Collins that I have ever seen in one place! It was like an Enid overdose.


I recently saw these knock offs at a flea market. Super pretty but I just did not need them 🙂 I love the flamenco dancer.


Well, there you have it. A little Enid love for your week.

Does anyone find them locally? They are pretty rare in my neck of the woods.




Summer Thrifting


Well, July has come and gone. It was just a blur of crazy busy days.

Our French girl has gone home and I am back to weekly thrifting stops.

Here are a few recent finds:

This atomic looking ice bucket would have been right at home on the Jetsons. I have been looking at similar ones on Etsy but just could not afford them.  This  was $5.

new stuff 1258

This lamp needs a funky fiberglass shade and will go in the basement with our green sectional. It was $16.

new stuff 1259

I love this swirly black and white casserole for $5. It is perfect and still like new.

new stuff 1247

Here are some kitchen items I got at an estate sale for $1 each. I am a little bit Pyrex addicted.

new stuff 1212

I picked up a pair of these great soup / salad bowls for a few dollars. I love the starburst pattern!

patio 011

This $1 fiberglass bowl is signed Wm. A. Bostick. It looks great in my peach tiled bathroom:

new stuff 945

This bowl is super cool too. It was $2. I cannot find a pattern name for it. Since the lid is gone I use it for fresh fruit.

new stuff 847

This Glasbake loaf pan was $3. I have still not been able to identify this pattern either:

new stuff

This server has great hairpin legs. Another $1.

new stuff 1200

These vintage Lawnware lights were $1 for all 3! I did not even know what they were until I got home and researched them. People made them for their patio, campers and Tiki rooms. They look so cool lit up.

estate sale 098

Here is a purse I found for $1.50. It is made from vintage drapery fabric:

clothing 005

I also picked up an entire box of 1960’s dresses for $1 each. Here is one of my faves:

clothing 058

Well what do you think? Have I found some deals or just more junk?

Hope you are enjoying this end of summer!

An Easy DIY project, a Collins Purse and a Groovy Serving Cart


In my last post, I told you of a great (Enid) Collins of Texas purse I found on a buying trip. I have yet to find another one like it online so for now I am keeping it. That little purse has started another collection.

Here is my newest, which I quickly snagged off Etsy with a Mothers Day gift certificate from the oldest son:

new stuff 872

I have already received many compliments from all the gals in my life! They guys not so much. They kind of roll their eyes.

We have been working (slowly) in the basement, trying to finish up after the awful sewer back up this past spring.

Only 1/2 of my basement is living space.  The other half is a very large storage area where we keep Christmas and other out of season things. The door to that and to the crawl space were just plywood on hinges so Hubby primed and painted them, trimmed them out with ranch style trim and we decided to make them works of art!  Well, maybe not “art”, but something interesting to look at anyway.

Here are some before photos of those doors:

new stuff 868

new stuff 869

Hubby likes all matter of mid-century guy stuff, so we decided to make collages. I purchased poster boards (so the “art” would be removable when we want to change up the theme) and cut out ads from old magazines I had. I then decoupaged them to the poster boards and hung them with tacks on the doors. The whole project cost less than $10 for both doors.


new stuff 875

Here is a little close up:

new stuff 879

The bigger door:

new stuff 1010

A close up:

new stuff 1011

A few weeks back a dear friend messaged me while she was on vacation to say she had found me a groovy serving cart on wheels for $15!  Her and her poor Hubby dragged it home for me in the back of their vehicle.

Isn’t is great in my kitchen with my Fred Press atomic glasses and the gold leaves chip & dip?

new stuff 940

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!