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Mid-Century Bathroom Refresh #2


The original minty aqua tiled counter top in my 1952 bathroom was finally beyond saving. The previous owners had used a paint stick to make the grout look good in order to sell the house. Several pieces of that tile had cracks or chips and with the grout in such bad condition we decided to take it out. As all of you readers know, tearing out original features in an old house always ends of being full of surprises and thus more cost than you ever anticipated.

You remember our first refresh in this bathroom from 2015:

The Original Tiled Hall Bath is (almost) Done!

What to do? Because of budget and lack of sources for replacement tiles (that would match the original) we decided on the new “retro” line of laminate from Wilsonart. We picked Daisy in Apricot Glow because the colors are an exact match to the original wall tiles. I special ordered it through Home Depot and had it delivered to the store. Super simple. Here is a sample piece next to the tiles:

101_4106 (1)

The wall tiles in this bath match the Universal Rundle Desert Tan fixtures. Since the minty aqua tiles on the counter top were not used anywhere else, I decided to eliminate that color from the new decorating theme. You might remember the color from this older photo.


The counter top had a deep tiled edge so we had the new laminate made the same way.


The first order of business was to take out the counter top and sink. As most know, these old tile jobs are set in cement with wire lathe and black tar paper. What a mess. I managed to save a few tiles which I will probably throw on eBay for someone else trying to save their original bath.


Of course all that hammering and chiseling knocked a few pieces of wall tile lose. There was #1 of unexpected issues. Those tiles seemed to be attached to NOTHING.

It was then decided that the counter top would now require a back splash (and more $$$) to hide that issue.

The original sink was made to be “tiled in” and since I was going with laminate I had to have a different sink. I found an oval sink that accepts a (period perfect) Hudee ring and special ordered it though our local Menards store. The Hudee ring was picked up on Amazon.




I kept my faucet since it was in great condition and fully functional.


And while we were at it, I had the contractor re-grout the wall tile around the sink area. It now looks so good (and clean!) we are going to have him continue on and do the whole bathroom.



I am tickled pink (or peach) with this new project. The white sink and bright counter top have really brightened up this bath.

While we had the mess, the walls and ceiling got a new coat of paint. All I have to do now is shop for towels!



A Nice Surprise in the Tiled Hall Bath


As you know, we have begun our multi-room reno here at the ranch. Since we are gutting the kitchen, the washer and dryer have to be moved to a new location to make way for the new kitchen design.

Here they are now in the knotty pine mud room adjacent to the kitchen:knotty pine 008

We have decided to move them back to their original location in the hall bath. From what we can tell, they have been in 3 different areas of the home: the hall bath, the basement work room and the kitchen/ mud room.

Our decision to move them to the hall bath was really an accident. Shortly after moving in, I kept getting a whiff of gas near the front door and on the porch. It simply did not make sense that there would be gas there, as the only other gas appliances in the house at the time were the water heater and boiler in the basement.

Hubby got out his flashlight and bravely went into the crawl space. What he found was an old gas line running to my hall bathroom. It had only been shut off, not capped. There was the origin of the leaking gas.

He also found that there were water supply lines and a drain. We started to sleuth around in the bathroom in the area of the floor-to-ceiling built ins.


We removed the bottom drawers and found that the tile floor extended to the wall under them and that the tiled wall was still behind. The cabinets must have been a later addition.

This week DH dismantled them and here is what we found:


So this is where the washer and dryer will be located! That bathroom is plenty big and moving them back in there allows me more cabinets for my kitchen. Yay!

We will need the plumber to come and move the exhaust for the dryer. The old one was vented into a pipe that went up through the roof. That is no longer “code” here so he will run a new line down to the crawl space and out the foundation wall. He explained that the moisture from the wet clothes froze in the winter and clogged the pipe. It required getting up on the roof to clear it out. Not something we want to do with snow on the roof!

Stay tuned for our work in progress.

A Peek Inside A 1957 Time Capsule Home


I can barely contain myself; I was in the most amazing 1957 time capsule home this weekend.  And yes I took lots of photos. 58 to be exact. I have whittled it down (although it was hard).  I wanted you to see EVERYTHING!

It belongs to our friends from church. They just moved in a few days ago and  were gracious enough to give us the grand tour while still cleaning and unpacking. They even gave us a 2 piece sectional day bed (think Brady Bunch family room).  It even came with the corner table!

Warning: there are lots of pictures in this post 🙂  Because I had so many to show you, they are smaller. You can click for a close up.

This is just to show you the awesomeness that awaits inside:

The original floor in the foyer:

The very long brick fireplace wall in the sunken living room. Note the planter/wall divider on the end. That is the dining room up the stairs on the right.

This light fixture is in the living room; I have no words to describe its coolness:

The back of that long  fireplace wall runs into the sun room with a built-in barbecue!  Note the scalloped trim on the planked ceiling. This room is also wrapped with a brick ledge under the windows for seating or placing plants.

Another view:

There are 3  (yes THREE!) original baths. The tile work, grout  and floors are perfect. Lucky them 🙂

The pink and black one was my favorite:

With a  divider on the knee wall and black swan tiles! The floor is charcoal.

This  gray bath has the original gray toilet, sink and tiled shower. The floor was charcoal and gray. There are star burst pulls on the cabinet above the toilet.

The master bath is blue/grey/black:

Another view:

How about these black lights above the curved vanity:

The home has the original light fixtures!

In the den:

One (of a pair)  in a bedroom:

In the sun room:

The windows in the foyer go to the floor and the storm door has jalousie windows. Their  sweet dog is still a little unsettled.

The kitchen has the original flooring, cabinets and counter tops:

The basement was unreal. It had a big curvy bar, a huge wall planter/mirror and lighted murals. Under those murals along the floor are more brick planters:

Here is a tiled floor inside the back door:

This bathroom door has a moon on it 🙂

The kitchen cabinet knobs match the counter tops; they look like gray tweed:

Some interior doors:

Looking outside from the sun room:

Another kitchen wall. The hood is original and tiled back splash are original. The cook top and wall oven have been replaced.

This wonderful home even has an intercom system and laundry chute to the basement.  It sits on a huge piece of property in the country.

Here is a view of the back patio:

The bedrooms and den floor were original hardwood. The living room and dining room have their original off white carpet. All of the doors are original and none of the trim has been painted.

The front door knob is located in the center of the door. The rest of the interior doors have the same knobs and escutcheons.

The new owners have plans to clean up the outside of the property. It has been neglected for many years and the wonderful built-in planters and retaining walls are overgrown and hidden by trees and bushes.

I was assured that I would be invited back in a few months when they have settled in.

I cannot wait to show you more of this awesome home!

What do you think?