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End of the Year Kitschmas Deals


I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year and recovering from all the planning, shopping, baking, hosting, eating, crafting, wrapping, shipping, decorating and travelling. Just typing all that makes me tired.

While my life was a whirlwind of activity those last few months of 2016, I did manage to sneak into the thrift stores a few times. Since I am trying to simplify my life/ home and keep less, only a few things will stay and the rest will either be used for crafting or listed in my Etsy shop.

With shipping costs always increasing and everyone’s budgets getting tighter, bargains are getting hard to come by. I try to hit shops when they are having a clearance or on “special deal” days.

My local Salvation Army Thrift Store marks items down frequently. I was able to get in there the week before Christmas and all of the holiday items were 50% off.

I got this great set of 22 Houze Happy Holiday glasses.


And this little set of ornaments made from toothpicks and vintage Christmas cards. They were hidden in a decorative soap box. It pays to dig!


This poor Santa card holder was laying among the heaps of messy piles


I also found ornaments.


And more ornaments.


Knitted stockings, tile trivets and more Kitschy goodness


The day after Christmas yielded another haul.  A small shop in a town nearby advertised that they were having 75% off vintage Christmas. I bought so much that I had to make 2 trips to get it all home. A good problem to have, no?


Blow molds, light up wall hangings and 22 boxes of glass ornaments. Yeah, I know.



Those huge pink ornaments are the biggest I have ever seen. They are as big as grapefruits.


This large cardboard Santa Claus toy chest is just so cool. I am not sure of it’s intended use? Possibly a box to hold “give away toys” that sat next to Santa at a department store or other venue? What ever it is I know I can find a use for it.


I also purchased this box of unused vintage cards online to send out next year. I just love the sweet graphics and the huge box!


Now I have to find the energy to take down all of my own decor and go though all of this stuff, organize it, pack some away and work on getting what remains listed to sell. Hopefully I will be done in time for next years Christmas shopping season!

I hope you were able to find some deals this season as well.

I will post a few photos of my Christmas decor soon; I did get a few new things.

Happy New Year!

So Glad I Stopped!


You say “Is that all she does is shop for vintage?”

I just can’t stop; I admit it.

Surely there is a support group somewhere for my addiction.

After spending the afternoon running errands I was tired and ready to head home. I  had some things in the back of the van to drop off for donation at one of the local thrift stores but had talked myself out of it.  I said to myself  “You are tired and still have to get groceries. This can wait until next time.”

Fortunately I do not listen well.

Into the parking lot I pulled. I grabbed the bags from the back and headed in. I put the donations in the bin by the door.  I decided to make a quick circle around the store (counterclockwise).  I stopped dead in my tracks for THESE !

2 panels of vintage bark cloth drapes, in perfect condition! For $5!

But that is not all; I got 4 panels of these groovy drapes:

Also in mint condition! For $5!

I could not stop there. Continuing in my circle I was off to the books;  here this was for $1!

I am sooooo glad I stopped. The gal who works there went in the back and brought me out the old style drapery hooks for those panels for free.  So much fun for $11!

Look what I got earlier in the day at another shop; this vintage fiberglass shade ($8) will look great for the winter months on one of our funky lamps. Those stripes are black.

This set of anniversary/advertising coasters ($2) are from a long gone factory where Hubby worked after high school.  BTW, he was a shear-press operator 🙂

How about this cool Therm- o -ware bowl set ($2) from a garage sale last week. All the bowls are footed. Can’t you just see them with salad on the patio?

This cool ceramic cat (50 cents) fits perfect in my little shadow box by the front door. He has green eyes 🙂

See what I would have missed if I did not make myself stop! You know those drapes would have been gone in a heartbeat. The gal who works there said she had just put them out!

Meanwhile, check back in next week.

This weekend I am going to a Farmers Market/Antique/Craft Faire in another town with my cooking club. We are coming back to Croydon Place for dessert and beverages. I will share that with you!